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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10A Holonic-Based Self-Learning Mechanism for Energy-Predictive Planning in Machining Processes김영민
2019-09VR-MOOCs: A Learning Management System for VR Education류호경
2019-11Impact of Intelligent Healthscape Quality on Nurse Job Outcomes and Job Satisfaction: A Test of the moderating effect of innovativeness.한지은
2019-08An Integrated Success Factor Model of Professional Virtual Communities: Incorporation of the Operators, Members, and Life Cycle Perspectives권규현
2019-08이동통신 표준특허 동태적 특성 고찰정태현
2019-08연구개발 프로젝트에서 R&D와 마케팅 기능 간 의사소통의 성과, 추동인자, 모델: 한국 제조기업에 대한 프로젝트 수준 연구정태현
2019-08Training Set Expansion Using Word Embeddings for Korean Medical Information Extraction김영민
2019-05Validation of the Korean Stroop Test in Diagnosis of Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy류호경
2019-07An Ecological Approach to an Intelligent Healthscape for a Medical Service Robot권규현
2019-06The adoption of virtual reality devices: The technology acceptance model integrating enjoyment, social interaction, and strength of the social ties최재영
2019-06Exploring latent factors influencing the adoption of a processed food traceability system in South Korea최경현
2019-06Feature Visualization in Comic Artist Classification using Deep Neural Networks김영민
2019-02스마트 블록을 활용한 위치의 형태에 따른 형식화 연구권규현
2019-02시나리오 기반 디자인과 FRAM 을 적용한 로봇 수술 정보 시스템의 기능 요소 추출권규현
2018-12Impact of the smart port industry on the Korean national economy using input-output analysis최재영
2018-12컨조인트 분석을 이용한 생체인식기술활용 서비스에 대한 소비자 선호 분석 연구최재영
2018-12공공조달 성과가 중소기업의 성장에 미치는 영향정태현
2018-12한계기업과 중소기업 R&D 지원 성과정태현
2018-12수입식품 빅데이터를 이용한 부적합식품 탐지 시스템에 관한 연구최경현
2018-11High Oxygen Exchange to Music Indicates Auditory Distractibility in Acquired Brain Injury: An fNIRS Study with a Vector-Based Phase Analysis권규현