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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Herbal medicines use among pregnant women during covid-19 pandemic in Nepal기리비벡
2016-08Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Hypertension Patients in Nepal사캬
2016-08Use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM)흐텃
2016-08Factors Affecting the Attitude of Young People towards Uptake of HIV Testing in Rural Ghana드잔
2016-08Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices toward Traditional and Complementary Medicine among Nurses and Midwives in North Western Uganda야이알프레드
2016-08Factors Influencing Self-Care Behaviors among알아노미
2016-08Factors affecting the use of Antenatal Care Services among Mothers in an Urban Slum of Ghana모팻
2016-08The Determinants of Hepatitis B Vaccination among Adults in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia울지
2016-08Malaria Fever Self-Treatment Behaviour among Women in Karu Sub-Urban District of Abuja, Nigeria파술루
2016-08Factors Influencing the Use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) Among Patients with Type II Diabetes in Yemen모히메드
2016-08Traditional and complementary medicine use among adult patients with cancer in Mongolia오윤취멕
2016-08Determinants of Postpartum Care Utilization탄레스터
2016-08Determinants of Physical Activity among Young Women in Zanzibar, Tanzania무사
2016-08Factors Affecting Condom Use Among Male Adults Working in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry, Philippines안오소
2016-08Determinants of Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake among Women Seeking Services at Harare Central Hospital in Zimbabwe카제레
2016-08Determinants of Antenatal Care Services Utilization among Reproductive Age Women in Rural Sudan시렐크템
2016-08Determinants of Utilization of Institutional Delivery Services among Women in Rural Bangladesh우딘
2016-08Determinants of family planning service use among HIV positive women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia월디
2016-08Determinants of Modern Contraceptive Utilization in Urban Slums of Kigali, Rwanda.루타겐가
2016-08Adequate use of Antenatal Care access among women in postpartum period in Honduras오르티즈마르티네즈