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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The understanding characteristics and changes of the global and local Internal Climate Variability under the present and future climate현승훤
2021Organic carbon transfer across the river-sea interface: a case study in Geum and Seomjin estuaries강수진
2021지진해일 조기탐지를 위한 신 장비 구성 및 우리나라 동해의 배치에 관한 연구고명권
2014-08A study of paleoclimatic changes in the marine environment using stable isotope and lipid biomarkers바데조아데고케
2014-08Fate of algal-derived organic matter in aquatic environment: a stable isotope approach이연정
2015-02Assessment of TBT and Antifouling Alternative Contamination in Korean coast after the total TBT ban김남숙
2016-02A Study of Acoustic Characteristics in Suspended Sediment for Various Concentrations이찬길
2016-08수중 통신 성능 분포도 기반 벡터 센서노드의 최적 배치 연구김선효
2017-02음향 후방산란 신호와 해저면 영상자료를 이용한 태평양 해저면 특성과 후방산란의 변동 양상주종민
2017-02Understanding the changes in the ocean-atmosphere interactions in the western tropical Pacific and its impact조현수
2020-02The Measurement and Prediction of Underwater Noise from Impact Pile Driving during the Construction of Offshore Wind Farm한동균
2020-02Geoacoustic inversion of mid-frequency bottom-interacting signals in the southeast of Geoje Island권혁종
2020-02Phosphorus dynamics associated with benthic microbial respiration in sediments from intertidal flats to deep sea목진숙
2020-02Benthic biogeochemical processes in the coastal ecosystems of the Yellow Sea안성욱
2019Microbial Biochemistry Associated with Sulfur Cycles in Fish Farm SedimentsAyeon Choi
2019Biogeochemical evidence of aerobic and anaerobic methane oxidation in active mud volcanoes of the Canadian Beaufort SeaDong-Hun Lee
2019-02Dynamics of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in finless porpoises (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis): Accumulation, tissue-specific distribution, and maternal transferYunsun Jeong
2018-02한국연안의 미생물 생태 생지화학: 기후변화에 따른 생태계 반응 예측김보미나
2017-08한반도 여름철 월별 기온 변동성 분석과 물리-통계 예측모델 개발원유진
2017-08Spatio-temporal distribution of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in marine sediments from industrialized coastal regions in KoreaMinkyu Park