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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02Poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL)/Halloysite nanotube(HNT) 나노복합체의 형상기억특성, 약물방출특성 및 분해 특성윤보미
2014-08Preparation and characterizations of thermoplastic elastomer based on maleated polyolefin elastomer (mPOE)/nylon11 blends and its nanocomposites with graphene김태현
2016-08Preparation of WS₂Nanohybrids for Photocatalyzed Redox Reactions of Organic Molecules이혜림
2014-08PZT-PZNN 압전소재 합성 및 압전 스피커 적용 연구박성철
2017-02Shape memory and self-repairing effect of PLA/TPU/graphene nanocomposite유재광
2014-08Si nanostructure and hematite/Si nanowire application for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting가오차오
2017-02Solar energy conversion applications based on onedimensional nanostructure array잠진봉
2017-02Studies on Metal Supported Hierarchical Zeolite Catalyst for One-pot Synthesis of Menthol from Citral Hydrogenation압둘카림샤
2019-02Studies on the Development of Functional Carbon Nanomaterials for Optical Sensing and PhotocatalysisSu-Ji Jeon
2018-02Study of silicon photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical water splitting박민준
2015-02Study on Surface-Modified Alloys and Core-Shell Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells이상영
2016-02Supramolecular polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer blends and nanocomposite with shape-memory and self-healing effects무하마드카쉬프
2012-08Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Silica and Silica Composites from Industrial Waste Materials기데온
2014-08Synthesis and Characterization the Development of Nanoporous Silica Composite Immobilized with Nano Zinc Oxide송시내
2013-08Synthesis of advanced polyaniline derived hybrid materials for an electrode material of pseudo-supercapacitors고설리
2012-08Synthesis of functionalized silica and its application to water treatment비엣쾅당
2017-08Synthesis of nylon 12/graphene nanocomposites via in-situ ring opening polymerization and their properties홍성준
2018-02Terephthaloyl chloride 1,4-Benzenedicarbonyl dichloride, 2-chloro- 증류탑 전산모사에 관한 연구장순규
2020-02Therapeutic applications of exosomes derived from human adipose stem cells for cancer and osteoporosis이경수
2015-02UV경화에의한 바이오 에폭시기반 형상기억고분자 나노복합체의 제조와 특성류솔이