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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Improving Column Prediction Accuracy of NLIDB with Historical Column Occurrences ScoreShanza Abbas
2022An Effective Approaches and Tool Supports for Requirements Engineering in Modern Software Developments in PakistanMuhammad Asgher Nadeem
2022Schedulability Analysis for Task Migration on Distributed Mixed-Criticality Systems백전성
2022Detecting Cross-Site Scripting Attacks By Machine-Learning-Based Text Classification Through Normalizing Input PayloadsNurul Atiqah Abu Talib
2022Reliable Test Architecture for AI accelerators with test cost reduction이브테삼무하마드
2022Privacy-preserving schemes using blockchain and deep learning for secure vehicular networks노재원
2022Partial and Full Scan based Efficient Test Techniques for AI Accelerators메어사이드
2022Efficient Error-Resilient Methods for Automotive Edge Computing Systems김진욱
2022Automatic Detection of Energy Leaks in Android Applications using Multi-Layer Perceptron칸무하마드우메어
2022Analyzing Validity of Permission Usages in Android Apps via App Descriptions오지강
2021Residual Bi-directional Feature Pyramid Network for Medical Image Segmentation Considering Multi-task Imbalance박세진
2021Handling Highly Imbalanced Dataset on Image Segmentation Using Ternary Classifier한정훈
2020-08Selective Editing of Multiple Facial Attributes by Utilizing Guide Masks양현석
2020-08Fast and Accurate Trust Computation in Online Social Networks사피나시르
2020-08Deep Learning-Based Resource Allocation Scheme For Vehicle to Everything Communication김지형
2007-02단어의 통사분석을 위한 계산모형김동주
2007-02영한 기계번역에서 명사 대역어 선택을 위한 2단계 방법이기영
2007-08효율적인 SoC 테스트를 위한 테스트 설계 기술이현빈
2007-08SVM에 의한 선택적 특징 지도 결합과 반복적인 그래프 컷을 이용한 중요 객체 추출박기태
2008-08국지적 이진 패턴 분포와 가우시안 부스팅을 이용한 얼굴 검출 기법김재협