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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021바이너리 분석을 통한 UNIX 커널 기반 File System의 TOCTOU Race Condition 탐지이석원
2021Skin Cancer Image Classification Method Using Multi-Task Learning Strategy권용우
2021Real-time Object Detection Network Based on Hybrid Attention장익진
2021Natural Manipulation Methods of Images for Adversarial Attack on Deep Neural Networks장기림
2021Middleware of Elastic Workflow Scheduling for Microservice리즈앙
2021Marking parts of an image relevant to the keyword with boxes in image retrieval systems이국곤
2021Lightweight One-Stage Object Detection Based on Deep Learning정문도
2021Course Selection Recommend System Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm장흠
2021한국어 임베딩과 딥러닝을 활용한 효율적인 정치적 견해 분류이예진
2021워드임베딩 기반 TextRank 알고리즘을 활용한 추출 문서 요약 기법 성능 평가지영민
2021Personal Information De-identification System using Sentence Classification and Named Entity Recognition서동국
2021Malicious Code Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Network한군영
2021Deep Reinforcement Learning for Grant-Free Resource Allocation in NOMA V2X Uplink Systems이솔
2021A survey on application of blockchain in COVID19 pandemic쿤쳄소픽
2020-08차세대 데이터센터 관리 표준 Redfish 구현과 쿼리 지원 개선조윤수
2020-08StrongPose: Bottom-up, Strong Keypoints Heat Maps Base Person Pose Estimation니아즈아흐마드
2020-08Personal sensitive information identification through deep learning based named entity recognition in structured documents박지성
2020-08Model Compression and Acceleration Based on Real-time Style Transfer주인걸
2020-08Joint User Clustering and Beamforming in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks김하령
2020-08Improving software structure through refactoring최원재