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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023NLP를 활용한 PHP 기반 웹 애플리케이션에 대한 공격 탐지인전
2023The influence of stop words on the sentence classifier based on BERT박도영
2023흐름 그래프 정보의 기계학습을 활용한 보안 취약점 정적 탐지모지환
2022머신러닝을 활용한 소스 코드 보안 취약점 존재 여부 판단양준혁
2022Selective face de-identification scheme using multiple face recognition and classification techniquesBae, Sang Min
2022A Transformer-based Approach for Automatic Vulnerability Detection and ClassificationChenxi Li
2022Poisoning and Image-Scaling Attacks on Neural Networks이스마이러브루스탐
2022정적 분석 기반 Out-of-Bounds Read 취약점 유형 탐지 연구유동민
2022시각적 정보를 활용한 가상 객체 변환 알고리즘과 강화 학습 기반 실내 자율주행 모델 방법론 개발박현지
2022Style and User Embedding for Recommending Fashion Photos이재영
2022Efficient Multi-turn Conversation Summarization System Using KoBART and TextRank박승진
2022Design and Implementation of Microbiome data linkage platform based on Microservices Architecture문현준
2021바이너리 분석을 통한 UNIX 커널 기반 File System의 TOCTOU Race Condition 탐지이석원
2021Skin Cancer Image Classification Method Using Multi-Task Learning Strategy권용우
2021Real-time Object Detection Network Based on Hybrid Attention장익진
2021Natural Manipulation Methods of Images for Adversarial Attack on Deep Neural Networks장기림
2021Middleware of Elastic Workflow Scheduling for Microservice리즈앙
2021Marking parts of an image relevant to the keyword with boxes in image retrieval systems이국곤
2021Lightweight One-Stage Object Detection Based on Deep Learning정문도
2021Course Selection Recommend System Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm장흠