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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Aquasoya, a plant based ingredient from upcycled sources: production, characterization, and application에스테반길레르모
2022Development of Aquasoya Powder and its Protein Application to Novel Bakery Product with High Expected Satiety김윤하
2023고칼륨 과일을 포함한 식단이 적용이 혈액투석 환자의 혈청 칼륨과 삶의 질에 미치는 영향안온화
2023Microalgae-derived lutein/zeaxanthin in yolk oil and dry emulsions: chemical stability and bioaccessibility김민지
2022Betulinic acid, a natural triterpene, reduces hepatic lipid accumulation and body fat mass in vitro and in vivoHyun Kyung Kim
2022Antibacterial Activity of Korean Pine (Pinus densiflora) Needle Extracts on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus: Mechanism and Properties of MembraneYA ZHANG
2022연하 장애 환자를 위한 물성 조절식의 IDDSI 기준 단계 분류최귀정
2022다양한 식품에서의 곰팡이독소 분석 개선 연구박승영
2022Antimicrobial and Anti-biofilm Activities of Weissella cibaria여지은
2021Effects of n-3 PUFA on depression triggered by mother-pup separation최정은
2020-08Effect of dietary factors on frailty in older adults김도연
2020-08Anti-inflammatory Effects of Fatty Acid Esters of Hydroxy Fatty Acids (FAHFAs) In Vitro and In Vivo모요날리지무디바디
2007-02Effects of vitamin C on paraquat-induced dopamine neurotoxicity in C57BL/6 mice강민정
2008-02Physicochemical and Physiological Characteristics of Enzymatically Modified-Rice Starch이광연
2008-02Physicochemical Characterization and Weight Reduction Effects of D-Psicose백승희
2008-02The effects of black and brown rice on lipid metabolism and antioxidant enzyme activities김정연
2009-02A Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Model for Salt Effects on the Inhibiting Salmonella enteritidis문지혜
2009-08작두콩으로 제조한 된장의 품질특성 및 생리 활성에 관한 연구이학태
2009-08고 분지아미노산 함유 옥수수 단백가수물의 제조 및 알코올성 간 손상 보호효과정용일
2009-08Chlorella Vulgaris Increases Excretion of Hazard Substances in Rats Exposed to Cadmium or Dioxin심재영