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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Quality characteristics of vegan ice cream using Aquasoya powder upcycled from soybean cooking water황수영
2024Garlic and Onion as Natural Antimicrobial Agent Against Salmonella in Homemade Mayonnaise학려원
2024Antioxidant effects of green tea and cinnamon on Salmonella spp. in half-cooked eggs장징이
2024Comprehensive analysis of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy insertion in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: optimal time point of gastrostomy for nutritional care이지수
2024여성갑상선유두암 환자에서 암의 재발과 식이염증지수의 연관성이정윤
2024Antimicrobial effects of soft-boiled egg pickling in soy sause against Salmonella왕준정
2024Association between seafood intake and prevalence of frailty in community-dwelling older adults after 4-year follow-up: the Korean Frailty and Aging Cohort Study안정환
2024유방암 수술을 받은 환자의 식이 섭취 변화에 대한 비교 분석박지원
2024Microbial Contamination of Delivery Foods and the Reduction of Bacteria Using Grapefruit Seed Extract on Delivery Box류현덕
2024만성 경도 스트레스에 노출된 쥐의 혈청 지질 프로파일을 개선하는 오메가-3 지방산과 프로바이오틱스의 효과김현정
2022Physicochemical and sensory properties of protein-enriched crackers formulated with Seoritae black soybean powder최윤혜
2018고아밀로오스 쌀 품종의 이화학적, 구조적 및 in vitro 소화특성과 식품에의 응용이수정
2023다회용컵의 안전성 확보를 위한 세척공정별 미생물제어 효과손수희
2023Effect of Low Temperature Cold Plasma Coupling Ultrasonic Technology on the Preservation Effect of Crucian Carp탕원쉬엔
2023Alternate-day fasting alleviates lipid metabolism disorder induced by high-fat diet: role of ketogenesis나와즈 하디아
2023Physical stability and antioxidant ability of a sustainable oil-in-water emulsion containing perilla skin extract and upcycled Aquasoya powder강보경
2018항산화 활성 증진을 위한 퀘르세틴 함유 키토올리고당 나노 입자와 이를 함유한 젤라틴 겔의 제조 및 특성강민제
2023Development and validation of a new food frequency questionnaire for protein intake assessment in Korean population허은서
2023Anti-adipogenic effect of Lactobacillus curvatus CK17 isolated from kimchi on 3T3-L1 adipocyte and potential probiotic properties한기수
2023만성 경도 스트레스에 노출된 쥐에서 뇌-장관 축을 통한 프로바이오틱스의 항우울 효과조미예