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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Deciphering the molecular mechanism of ICAM-1 as a novel therapeutic target in colorectal cancerEun-Ji Lim
2022Ensemble Analysis of Mixture and Single-Cell Transcriptomes in Tumor–Immune Microenvironment윤상호
2022Impact of sgRNA sequence and secondary structure on CRISPR-Cas activity비핀 메논
2022Target validation and mechanism study of ICAM-1 as a novel therapeutic target for metastatic breast cancer강재혁
2022Systematics and molecular phylogeny of Cylindrolebrididae (Ostracoda, Myodocopa) from East Asia팜띠민후엔
2022Research of New Therapeutic Targets and Functional Mechanism for Metastatic Breast Cancer김연주
2022Microalgal strain improvement for enhanced lipid and carotenoid production이준우
2022Glioblastoma-educated mesenchymal stem-like cells promote GBM infiltration via extracellular matrix remodeling in the tumor microenvironment김승모
2022Drosophila Plasmatocytes Regulate Metabolism and The Crystal Cell Differentiation through Gustatory Receptors차누리
2021Study of Cell Intrinsic and Extrinsic Controls of Drosophila Hematopoiesis in The Lymph Gland조범식
2021Regulation of tumor progression by CCN1 and CCN2 protein-mediated signaling in breast cancer김형주
2021Intein-Mediated Protein Engineering for Intracellular Delivery and Biosensor Application응웬두롱
2020-08Multi-Layered Proteomic Approaches for Cancer Proteomes and Phosphoproteomes권유미
2020-08Development of a Rapid and Robust Method to Enrich N-terminal Proteome in a Highly Multiplexed Platform주신영
2007-02전립샘 암세포에서 Doxazosin에 의해 유도되는 세포자연사와 Clusterin의 발현 변화에 관한 연구염윤희
2007-08중파 자외선이 Tigriopus japonicus s.l. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida)의 생활사에 미치는 영향이강현
2007-08내분비계 교란물질이 저서성 요각류에 미치는 영향방현우
2008-02생쥐 배아 할구-유래 배아줄기세포를 이용한 내분비계 장애물질의 세포 독성 평가임천규
2008-02생쥐 및 인간 배아줄기세포의 특성 유지에 대한 기능유전체학이영진
2008-02Identification of Genes Specifically Expressed in Human Stem Cells and Functional Analyses of the Genes Using RNAi Strategy이종주