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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Computational prediction and characterization of long and circular non-coding RNAs and analysis of their non-canonical translation Seo-Won Choi최서원
2024Intercellular factors regulating hematopoiesis and maintaining neuromuscular junction in Drosophila윤성규
2024한강수계에서 이취미물질 발생 특성과 원인 미소생물의 분자계통학적 연구변정환
2022Brassinosteroid-Regulated Carotenoid Biosynthesis and Stomatal Development in Arabidopsis thaliana박태기
2022Identification of atherosclerotic lipid-laden macrophage heterogeneity using single-cell transcriptome analysis김경대
2023Exploring α-Arrestin Interactomes in Human and Drosophila and Investigating the Transcriptomic Landscape in Drosophila Hematopoiesis and Immune Response이경태
2023An Integrated Study on Meiofauna: Effects of Ocean Acidification, Ecological Characteristics, and Taxonomy오제혁
2023Improvement of protein-peptide interaction prediction performance using 3 molecular docking software최성우
2023Development of Ultra-­fast and High-­performing Variant Callers from Whole-­Genome Sequencing Data최민학
2023AI-guided Design of Artificial Short-Hairpin RNAs and Messenger RNAs: Lessons from Nature박석주
2023Structure, function, and cell cycle-dependent proteostasis of the transcription factor CP2c complexes손승한
2023Epigenetic Regulations of Macrophage Phenotype Changes in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases김기병
2023Siphonophores from the Northwest Pacific Ocean and Korean waters: Integrative taxonomy and their distributional pattern박나연
2022Deciphering the molecular mechanism of ICAM-1 as a novel therapeutic target in colorectal cancerEun-Ji Lim
2022Ensemble Analysis of Mixture and Single-Cell Transcriptomes in Tumor–Immune Microenvironment윤상호
2022Impact of sgRNA sequence and secondary structure on CRISPR-Cas activity비핀 메논
2022Target validation and mechanism study of ICAM-1 as a novel therapeutic target for metastatic breast cancer강재혁