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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022펩타이드 리간드와 과산화효소 매개 형광신호 증폭법을 이용한 암세포 표적이미징김혜진
2022포밀트랜스퍼라제 Fmt1의 Saccharomyces cerevisiae 세포 내 위치 변화와 세포질 단백질의 N-말단 포밀화 연구김한별
2022The role of Ultrabithorax and its related lncRNAs in the differentiation of lamellocyte in Drosophila도호빈
2022ML141, a Cdc42 inhibitor, reduces lipid peroxidation and attenuates atherosclerosis in Ldlr ko mice한인희
2022Identification of Novel Cell Penetrating Peptides이상원
2022Hydrogen Peroxide Sensitivity of Fur Family Proteins from Clostridioides difficile마리아
2022CXCR2/Gαs/SRC axis promotes STAT3-mediated breast cancer metastasis이민재
2022CSF2 promotes EMT and angiogenesis through Src pathway in progressive breast cancer최정연
2022A computational detection of lncRNA signatures in tumor-immune microenvironment at single-cell level박은경
2021Study on Stabilized Enzymes in Biomineralized Calcium Carbonate이찬희
2021Development of Colorimetric Assay of Singlet Oxygen Generation Using Protein Photosensitizers이지은
2021유방암 세포에 대한 단백질성 및 화학적 광감작제의 광역학적 세포사멸 효과문민우
2021세포 외 분비 MMP-2 활성 모니터링을 위한 Intein Ligation 기반의 세포막 부착형 형광 프로브 개발황주영
2021The system for target-oriented gene expression by suppression and overexpression simultaneously for the genetic engineering of microalgae이상묵
2021Suppression of epithelial to mesenchymal transition by Nidogen-1 through regulation of vimentin and TGF-β/β-catenin signaling in triple-negative breast cancer고윤효
2021Role of p57KIP2 in developing Leydig cells of mouse testis윤경노
2021GPR110 plays a critical role in the regulation of triple-negative breast cancer progression남혜정
2021Effects of oral administration of di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) on spermatogenesis and sperm function in mice이재현
2021CSF3 a New Therapeutic Target for Pulmonary fibrosis윤인영
2021Bisphenol A 와 유사화학물질에 의한 Xenopus laevis 배아의 발생기형장지현