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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022PPO2 in Drosophila Crystal Cells Modulates Embryonic Hemocyte Localization under Hypoxic Conditions장은지
2022Computational analysis of heterotypic cell-cell interactions from single-cell RNA-seq data김한지
2023Morphological and physiological characteristics of domestic freshwater diatom Aulacoseira ambigua노은미
2023Unraveling the Dual Nature of Genes: A Genome-wide Scanning of Potential Bifunctional Genes using Polysome Profiling and Long-read RNA-sequencing나한솔
2023전사체 분석과 종 간 보존 분석을 통한 호중구 분화와 관련된 긴 비 암호화 RNA의 발굴김지훈
2023Studies on the activity of NiSOD from Shewanella violacea and Coraliomargarita akajimensis한은수
2023Annotation of long non-coding RNA in human immune system표성진
2023Organic Hydroperoxide-Sensing Mechanisms in OhrR of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris정이안
2023Vulnerability to inhibition of Integrin αv in cancer cells with an activated hypoxic gene expression program이창준
2023Nidogen-1 suppresses HIF-1α mediated glycolysis in triple-negative breast cancer cells이주형
2023Therapeutic Efficacy of Targeting CTLA-4-PKC-η Signaling Pathway for Modulating Inflammatory Skin Disease by Inducing Regulatory T Cells이우성
2023Investigation of Fur Family Proteins from Clostridium pasteurianum노현지
2023대장암에서 긴 비암호화 RNA SNHG16이 만들어내는 짧은 단백질의 기능 연구김영원
2023Cancer-associated fibroblasts promote metastasis and chemo-resistance by upregulation of IGFBP3 in colorectal cancer cells김소연
2022펩타이드 리간드와 과산화효소 매개 형광신호 증폭법을 이용한 암세포 표적이미징김혜진
2022포밀트랜스퍼라제 Fmt1의 Saccharomyces cerevisiae 세포 내 위치 변화와 세포질 단백질의 N-말단 포밀화 연구김한별
2022The role of Ultrabithorax and its related lncRNAs in the differentiation of lamellocyte in Drosophila도호빈
2022ML141, a Cdc42 inhibitor, reduces lipid peroxidation and attenuates atherosclerosis in Ldlr ko mice한인희
2022Identification of Novel Cell Penetrating Peptides이상원
2022Hydrogen Peroxide Sensitivity of Fur Family Proteins from Clostridioides difficile마리아