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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Homogeneous Polymer Blends from Immiscible Polymer Mixtures by Entropy Diluent홍완택
2024Base-Promoted Synthesis of Uracil-Fused Pyridin-2-(1H)-ones하원빈
2024Protection chemistry assisted functionalization of PVDF membranes using phosphoric acid최윤주
2024Studies toward of total synthesis of vobasine이현우
2024Well-defined Amphiphilic Bottle Brush Star Block Copolymer Nanoreactor for Efficient Photooxidation Reaction오현지
2024Surface, Interface, and Charge Transport Characteristics of Self-Assembled Monolayers Formed by N-heterocyclic Carbene Derivatives on Au(111) Hyunsu Oh오현수
2024Altered Redox Behavior of Hydroquinone Induced by Nanoconfinement Effects at Microporous Carbon양지해
2024Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydroquinazolines and Quinazoline-4(3H)-ones through Three-Component Reaction신시유
2024Enantioselective Sulfonium-Claisen Rearrangement with Cinnamyl Thioethers배영진
2024Surface, Interface, and Charge Transport Characteristics of Binary Self-Assembled Monolayers Formed by N-heterocyclic Carbenes and Alkanethiols on Au(111)김혜리
2024Development of single-cell level bacteria detection and species identification method using super-resolution microscopy김민정
2024Preparation of (Z)-allylic alcohol by electrochemical semi-hydrogenation of the propargylic alcohol곽기훈
2022Electrochemical study of ascorbic acid in a porous carbon electrode최사라
2023Synthesis of Single Source Precursor for Two Dimensional Metal Sulfide Materials (Metal = Mo and Si)박성환
2023Efficient and Sustainable Synthesis of Alkenes through Electrochemical Reduction of Alkynes임소연