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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Electrochemistry of N-methyl-N-ethyl pyrrolidinium iodide to improve iodide oxidation kinetics of iodine film formed on platinum electrode김현민
2022Mechanism analysis in Zinc electrdeposition박선우
2023Studies on Transition Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of 5 Membered Heterocyclic Compounds김동빈
2023Redox Mediated Electrochemical Monitoring of Slow Horseradish Peroxidase Second-Order Kinetics in Galvanic Cell정희정
2023Study on the orientation and density of electrospun fibers using collectors with various shapes and holes정하윤
2023Studies toward Total Synthesis of Methuenine전다윤
2023Prediction and Assessment of Nanotoxicity through Automated Machine Learning and ScRNAseq Data Analysis소소
2023Studies toward Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Subincanadine F via semi-Pinacol Rearrangement민혜원
2023Synthesis and Wavelength Dispersion Properties of H-Shaped Reactive Mesogens for Retardation Film민승아
2023Electrochemical Discrimination of Neurotransmitters using Metal-Organic Framework based Field-Effect Transistor Biosensor김현노
2023혼합 은-할로메탈레이트 리간드로 부동태화된 AgBiS2 나노크리스탈 잉크 및 광검출기로의 응용김한재
2023Study of Molecular Diffusion Behavior on Negative Curvature Pore : Diffusion area, Curvature, Angle김성호
2022C-H Sulfenylation of Umpoled Indoles under Photocatalytic Conditions이철용
2022Cerium(Ⅲ) triflate-catalyzed ring opening of epoxides윤민주
2022Synthesis of oxatricycles containing cyclopropane via [3+2] cycloaddition of enyne-carbonyl under PtJu Hui Lee
2022Fluorination of 2-amidobenzo[b]thiophenes using N -Fluorobenzensulfonimide최원석
2022Entropy Induced Rapid Dissolution of Hypo-Crystalline Poly(methyl methacrylate) and Application Towards High-Performance Acrylic Bone CementMYUNGSOON HWANG
2022동위원소희석 액체크로마토그래피 질량분석법을 이용한 채소류 중 잔류농약 다성분 분석법 개발정은아
2022전도성 단량체를 함유한 비공유 개질제 합성 및 비공유 개질된 MWCNT/PEDOT:PSS 나노복합재 제조 및 특성 연구김영주
2022Thermal Conductivity Enhancement in 1D Hypo-PMMA Prepared by Using Entropy Diluent박소영