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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022반경 방향 전자기력 성분을 고려한 Dual Stator 영구자석 동기전동기의 진동 특성 분석김대기
2022Characterization Process of Junction Temperature and Thermal Impedance in GaN E-mode and D-mode HEMT Power Modules under CyclingJangmuk Lim
2022System Efficiency Improvement Using Winding Changeover of BLWFSG for Oscillating Water Column Wave Power Generation박진철
2022Active Transfer Learning 기반 PWM에 의한 전자기 손실을 고려한 매입형 영구자석형 동기 전동기의 설계 기법에 관한 연구박수환
2022Deep Learning-based Material Representation and Noniterative Multiscale Topology OptimizationMinsik Seo
2022저속추돌사고에 의한 차량거동 및 탑승자 목상해 예측에 관한 연구이재원
2022Optimization of EV Model with Multi-Mode Powertrain System through Winding Changeover Motor and 2-Speed Transmission차경수
2022Maximum Junction Temperature Estimation and Thermal Impedance Characterization of Multichip SiC MOSFET Power Modules김민기
2022Estimation and Control Logic for Ride Comfort and Narrow Path Following of Autonomous Bus윤성환
2022Driver Posture and Hand Gesture Recognition based on Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Fusion한호범
2022Deep Learning Applications to Autonomous Vehicle: Adaptive Sideslip Estimation, Personalized Trajectory Prediction and Efficient Planning for Parking김동찬
2022Computationally Efficient Electromagnetic-Thermal Coupled Analysis of PMSM considering AC Copper Loss and PM Eddy Current Loss진준우
2022ADAS 및 자율주행을 위한 제어 가능 상태 분석과 불확실성을 고려한 의사결정송유호
2021입력변수 선택을 이용한 고차원 문제의 설계 목표 기반 최적화김한수
2021Design of Dual Stator PMSM with Separately Controlled Dual 3 Phase Winding for eVTOL Propulsion황성우
2021Statistical Model Calibration over Design Domain using Multi-fidelity Kriging Surrogate Model and Chebyshev Interval Metric김지훈
2021Robust Design Optimization of Electric Motor Considering Assembly Imperfection of Segmented Stator Core이수경
2021Non-iterative Design Optimization of Multilevel Hierarchical System with Minimal Interactions in Distributed Design Environment김신유
2021Modeling and Optimization of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Considering Wide Variation of DC Link Voltage to Electric Powertrain and Air Supply System김동민
2021Exploration of Pareto Front for Multi-objective Topology Optimization Problem Using Adaptive Weight and Configuration based Clustering Scheme유남희