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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Comprehensive Design and Fabrication of Muon Beam Transport System for the First μSR Facility in Korea박기홍
2020Neutron Spatial Distribution Measurement Using Activation Foils Fabricated by Printed Electronics Technique김지석
2023Krylov Subspace Methods with Energy Block Gauss-Seidel Preconditioners for Accelerating Multigroup Coupled Discrete Ordinates Transport Calculation on Tetrahedral Meshes우명현
2023전자상자성공명장치를 이용한 회구적선량평가 시료의 선량계적 특성 및 실용성 평가김재석
2023Radioisotope Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks for CsI(Tl) Gamma-ray Spectrometer김용현
2022폭발 물질 검색을 위한 다각도 컴프턴 산란 엑스선을 활용한 유효원자번호 결정 방법 연구임채욱
2022원전 가동이력을 고려한 방사화 계산맹영재
2022새로운 연소계산기법을 사용한 사용후핵연료 선원항 평가코드 개발타듀이롱
2022주민오염감시 수행을 위한 전신계수기의 전산모사 기반 교정박민석
2022지진 확률론적 안전성평가 정량화 방법론에 관한 연구유정현
2022새로운 방사선방호 원리에 입각한 초기 비상대응의 정량적 평가박성현
2022국내 부지 특성을 반영한 확률론적 부지 리스크 평가에서의 호기 간 종속성 분석 방법론 개발장승현
2022Thermodynamic Behaviors of Reagents/Metals in Hydrazine Based Reductive Decontamination Process Applied in a Reactor Coolant System Decontamination and Solidification of Secondary Wastes Using Low-temperature Sintering Method장나온
2022Reflood Heat Transfer of Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Surfaces and Its Effects on Safety of Pressurized Water Reactors신도영
2022Next-generation ICRP Pediatric Mesh-type Reference Computational Phantoms최찬수
2022Extinction Mechanism of Ultra-Lean Hydrogen Flames for Safety of Clean Energy Systems전준구
2022Evaluation of Source Term Reduction Strategies for SGTR Accident and Application to PSA신호영
2022Development of a predictive surrogate model for effective dose to facilitate the optimization of the severe accident management guidance using machine learning technique최원준
2022A Study on Plasma Etching Reaction with Cobalt Oxide Grown on Metal and Inorganic Oxide for Surface Decontamination이재용
2022Absorbed Energy Measurement in Radiotherapy Using Shape-Customized Plastic Scintillation Detector김태훈