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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021단기통 엔진에서 제어 인자에 따른 마이크로 파일럿 혼소 (MPDF) 연소 특성 분석최민후
2021Quality Monitoring and Control Algorithm in Arc Welding Process Using Deep Learning김성남
2021Development of Advanced Techniques and System for Accurate Measurement of Acoustic Nonlinearity Parameter송동기
2021Developing Fabrication Methods for 3D Functional Composites using Naturally-Derived Biomaterials전예일
2021AI Integrated Autonomous Lane Change Control System Adaptable to Dynamic Traffic Flow김진수
2021Study on Thermal Performance Improvement of Organic Phase Change Composite and Application of Electronic Cooling System using Heat Absorber허창성
2021Study on Fabrication of Functional Metal Surfaces by Designing Micro/nano-scale Structures with Wet Etching Method전재현
2021Robotically Adjustable Magnetic Navigation System and Magnetic Catheter Robot for Vascular Intervention이원서
2021Nondestructive Evaluation using Nonlinear Characteristics of Surface Acoustic Wave전지현
2021Experimental Investigation of Porous Scaffolds for Controlling Adhesion with Biological species전민수
2021Effects of engine operating parameters on combustion and emission characteristics in a single cylinder light duty diesel engine카와르모히우딘
2021Dynamic analyses of the flexible shaft in a scroll compressor considering elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication김교봉
2021Development of Nano/micro-scale Structured Polymeric Elastomer for Low Friction and Low Adhesion in Aqueous Environment조성원
2021A study on nondestructive inspection system and techniques based on terahertz electromagnetic waves오경환
2020-08Tightness evaluation of bolted joint structures using dynamic characteristic based on machine learning도경민
2020-08Study on Thermal Performance of Phase Change Material Heat Sink for Electronic Device Cooling김수호
2020-08Multi-Scale Modeling of Shear Deformed Woven Fabric Composites for Progressive Failure Analysis황연택
2020-08Effects of engine operating parameters on gaseous and particulate emissions in direct-injection spark-ignition engine이지영
2020-08Development of cylindrical acoustic resonator using surface roughness created by the lamination conditions of 3D printer최정식
2020-08Characterization and Development of Polymer Surfaces with Excellent Water Transport김선우