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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Tandem GMAW에서 용접 비드 외관 프로파일을 이용한 인장강도 예측 모델 개발강태훈
2024Techno-economic Assessment of Type IV Hydrogen Gas Storage Tanks신현규
2024The difference in material behavior between AA5083-O and AA6061-T6 in friction stir welding process조영길
2018-08The Effect of Different Annealing Temperatures on Tribo-mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of ZirconiumWANG JI
2015-02The effect of poly (N-vinylpyrrolidone) molecular weight on flash light sintering of copper nanoparticle paste유충현
2019The effect of Rehydration Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of CNT reinforced cementitious composites at Elevated TemperatureSu Chuanrui
2016-02The effect of the type and parameter of the radial basis function on the performance of metamodel-based sequential global optimization번우
2019The Improvement of Wall Shear Stress Accuracy by High Spatial Resolution in 4D Flow MRI양병권
2019-02The Study of Crank train Friction Characteristics for Friction Loss Reduction in Light-duty Diesel EngineSeokhwon Lee
2018-02The welding of silver nanowire via combined flash light process for flexible transparent electrodeWan-Ho CHUNG
2023Thermal behavior estimation during thermal sintering of inkjet-printed silver nanoparticles via modulated laser beam and electrical sintering아리프후사인
2020-08Tightness evaluation of bolted joint structures using dynamic characteristic based on machine learning도경민
2018-08Topology optimization considering static failure of composite laminate with the layerwise theoryJong Wook Lee
2017-02Topology Optimization for Static Nonlinear Structures Using Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm박태도
2018-08Topology Optimization of Noise Reduction Structure for Aeroacoustic Sound SourceKim, Ki Hyun
2020-08Torque Distribution based on Real-Time Weighting Matrix Optimization between AUV and Underwater Manipulator문예철
2021Trajectory Generation for Biped Robot Climbing Variable Height Stairs Using MPC김미예
2023Transformable Wheel Disturbance Torque Estimation for Stair Descent and Impedance Control for Impact Force Mitigation유관영
2018-02Tribo-Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior Investigation of Anodized Ti–V alloyBingrong Han
2023Two-phase transport mechanism through the highly-penetrative surface crack in the micro-porous layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cells박영제