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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02RDE 및 시험실 결과의 시험조건 변화에 따른 규제 배출가스 및 온실가스 특성에 관한 연구권석주
2017-02Real-time eccentricity detection of PM motors by monitoring speed and back EMF induced in an additional winding강경진
2017-08Recommendations on the types and parameters of radial basis functions used for metamodel-based sequential global optimizationWANG PEIDONG
2015-02Reduction of Moan Noise by Frequency Response Function Based Substructuring and Optimization Techniques이선훈
2015-08Reduction of Vehicle Noise by Modifying the Stiffness of Joint Parts by Applying a Substructuring Method윤정민
2022Refreshable Haptic Display Using Phase-Changeable Liquid Pouch Motors성정빈
2023Regulation of Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Composites Using Interlocking Structure임승석
2017-02Research on the Behavior of Bullet Penetration into Ballistic Gelatin by Nose Angle and Diameter Via Experiment and Simulation박나람
2017-02Response prediction based on large data using a local metamodel송현석
2022Robot Manipulation Task Planning for Obstacle Rearrangement in Clutter Using Policy Gradient MethodSeungHyun Kang
2021Robotically Adjustable Magnetic Navigation System and Magnetic Catheter Robot for Vascular Intervention이원서
2024Rope-riding mobile anchor for robots operating on convex facade김채원
2022Seawater desalination using humidification-dehumidification process and its hybrid systems사담후사인
2020-02Selection of Working Fluid in Organic Rankine Cycle Integrated into Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant정윤성
2023Semiconductor Wafer Notch Detection Using Deep Learning and Image Enhancement Algorithms왕호
2016-08Sequential Approximate Global Optimization Technique Considering Adaptive Balancing Between Global Search and Local Search박도현
2021Shape memory alloy-based underwater locomotion platform박태림
2019Shape optimization for low pressure and low speed hyperelastic seal using genetic algorithmJong-Woo Lee
2019-02Simulation and Experimental Verification to Investigate the Oil Behavior for the Fluid Dynamic Bearings with Double SealsLee, Minho
2015-02Simulation on Structural Response and Development of a Vulnerability Analysis Method for Complex Systems Subjected to Impact Force박정원