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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Near-infrared Laser-induced Thermal Damage on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics윤성희
2015-02Noise and Vibration Analysis due to Electromagnetic Excitation in PM Motors성상진
2019-02Noise reduction of a fan motor with fluid dynamic bearings by utilizing magnetic pulling forceKanghoon Moon
2020-02Noncontact thickness measurement of nuclear power plant containment liner plates using an electromagnetic acoustic transducer이영창
2024Nondestructive evaluation for tensile properties of metallic materials using laser ultrasonics강세종
2021Nondestructive Evaluation using Nonlinear Characteristics of Surface Acoustic Wave전지현
2022Nondestructive inspection of direct energy deposited components using scanning acoustic microscopy with metalworking fluids허재훈
2017-02NOx and N2O emission characteristics of Fe-zeolite, Cu-zeolite and V/TiO2 urea-SCR for off-road diesel engine신영진
2018-02Numerical Analysis for Parametric Study and Shape Optimization of Two-Phase Ejector with R134a Refrigerant백성훈
2022Numerical Analysis of the Rotational Non-Axisymmetric Cavitator in Supercavitating Flow임종웅
2021Numerical Automated Stiffness Optimization of a Thin Television Back-Cover Module: Research on the Industrial Problem권대성
2022Numerical study of interfacial contact characteristics between gas diffusion layer and bipolar plate for fuel cell applications진준우
2023Numerical Study of Laser Welding of 270 μm Thick Steel Sheets used in an Electrical Vehicle Traction Motor정대균
2023Oblique Incidence Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique for Imaging of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Characteristics한희진
2018-08Omnidirectional Push Recovery of Biped Robot based on CoM VelocityYu Debin
2015-02On-Chip Fabrication and Applications of Functional Polymeric Microstructures유임성
2018-02Optimal Design of Fluid Dynamic Bearings to Reduce Vibration of a Polygon Mirror MotorSangmin Lee
2015-02Optimal Design of Fluid Dynamic Bearings to Support Disk-Spindle System in HDD이지훈
2019-02Optimization of Piston Geometry and Operating Conditions of Diesel Engines Using Genetic AlgorithmLee, Seung pil
2015-02Optimization of valve gate timings of an automotive cowl top cover for minimizing cavity pressure배성민