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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Easy-to-install, stand-alone, winch-embedded façade cleaning robot: Design and experiments채호병
2019Effect of CNT-TNT Hybrid Nano–Reinforcing on the Properties of Cementitious PasteLiu Junxing
2018-02Effect of Injection Strategies and Air Injection on Combustion Characteristics in CNG-DI Engine송진근
2023Effect of Laminar, Turbulent, and Slip Conditions of the Fluid Film on Dry Gas Seal한미쁨
2023Effect of thermal runaway propagation depending on Lithium-ion battery module shape and placement with numerical simulation method최종휘
2021Effects of engine operating parameters on combustion and emission characteristics in a single cylinder light duty diesel engine카와르모히우딘
2020-08Effects of engine operating parameters on gaseous and particulate emissions in direct-injection spark-ignition engine이지영
2024Effects of induction heating on creep resistance of Inconel 718 during laser metal deposition임종현
2016-08Effects of Injection Strategies on Spray Behavior and Atomization Characteristics for a Multi-hole GDI Injector이상훈
2018-02Effects of nozzle design parameters on nozzle flow and spray characteristics in common-rail diesel injectors박준규
2018-02Effects of Surface Roughness on Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Measurement using Contact Transducer하홍필
2019Effects of Velocity Smoothing Filter on Pressure Estimation Using Work-Energy Relative Pressure MethodMuhammad Hafidz Ariffudin
2020-08Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis of Intermediate Temperature-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell under changing operating conditions using machine learning허수행
2018-02Electrodeposited Ni-Co layered double hydroxides on titanium carbide as a binder-free electrode for asymmetric supercapacitorsHui LI
2018-08Electrodeposited NiAl-layered double hydroxide on Co3O4 as binder-free electrode for supercapacitor형우치
2018-02Electrodeposited NiAl-layered double hydroxide on Co3O4 as binder-free electrode for supercapacitorYuzhi HENG
2019-02Electromechanical Modeling and Analysis of a Double-Layer Cantilever Beam Undergoing Combined General MotionLee, Won Beom
2020-02EMD-LSTM을 이용한 차량 BSR 검출 및 평가 신호처리 연구정한별
2022Empirical study for drive characteristics of angled spoke wheel on sand terrain윤두표
2020-08Enhanced Pool Boiling Performance of Hierarchical Nanostructures with Excellent Surface Wickability김재현