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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Central Pattern Generator Driven Self-Modulated Trot Gait Control for Quadruped Robot Locomotion강준걸
2023CFD Modeling for Ammonia-Diesel Dual-Fuel Combustion in Heavy-Duty Engines신지수
2020-08Characterization and Development of Polymer Surfaces with Excellent Water Transport김선우
2018-02Characterization and Investigation of Properties of GO/HA/Pt Composite Thin FilmsWenlong FU
2018-08Characterization and Tribo-mechanical properties investigation of HA/ZrO2/CNT compositeYe MA
2024Characterization of Plastron-Induced Drag Reduction on Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Turbulent Taylor-Couette Flow안성빈
2019CNN 알고리즘을 이용한 노이즈맵핑 연구최성규
2022CNN을 활용한 유도전동기 성능 예측고동영
2020-02Collision-Free Motion Planning for Formation Control of UAV Swarm Using Velocity Field강윤석
2024Composite cathode fabrication by flash light sintering process for solid oxide cells박정흠
2022Contact Acoustic Nonlinearity at Rough Contact Interfaces김영범
2022Control of Assistive Lower Limb Exoskeleton with Joint Torque Estimation with Momentum ObserverJUNG MYEONGSEOK
2015-02Coupled Analysis of the Fluid Dynamic Bearings with a Recirculation Channel by Solving the Reynolds and Hagen-Poiseuille Equations강치호
2019-02CUDA C기반 SqueezeNet을 이용한 영상 분할전세윤
2022Data augmentation method for training CNNs in machine vision systems using mono cameras왕진영
2020-02Design and Development of a Two-Stage Virtual Impactor for Size-Selective Sampling of Aerosol Particles김 이고리
2019Design and Manufacture Process of Atypical Glass Fiber-reinforced High-strength Concrete Structural Product Using 3D Powder Binding Technique허가호
2024Design and Manufacturing of a Gripper for Grasping Various Shapes for Dishes Based on a Linkage-Belt Hybrid Mecahnism김영환
2022Design and Manufacturing of Electrically Driven Soft Actuators and Robots based on Liquid-Vapor Phase TransitionBeomchan Kang