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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Geometrical parametric study and design of pulse shaper for obtaining optimum signal in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)Gil, Hae Don
2018-02HA/TiO2/CNT 나노 복합체 세라믹의 생 역학적 특성 및 마찰 공학 특성에 관한 연구진천의
2015-08HDD용 스핀들 모터에 사용되는 유체동압베어링의 유체주입 해석방법 개발 및 내부 기포 배출을 위한 유동장 해석정연하
2018-08Hierarchically constructed Nickel Cobalt Sulfide/ Ni Co-layered Double Hydroxide core-shell Nanoarrays grown in situ on Nickel foam for SupercapacitorsLI, Ang
2018-02Hierarchically constructed Nickel Cobalt Sulfide/ Ni Co-layered Double Hydroxide core-shell Nanoarrays grown in situ on Nickel foam for SupercapacitorsAng Li
2024High Temperature Superheated Steam Generation Technology and Its Application in Pyrolysis and Gasification Processes방유마
2024High-fidelity multiphysics model of a permanent magnet synchronous motor for fault data generation이현승
2018-02High-powered and high-frequency magnetic field generation and control methodology for biomedical magnetic robots남재광
2019-02Identification of Exciting Force on Structures Using Vibration Characteristics and Deep Learning AlgorithmsMajed M. Al-Haidari
2024Improvement of air quality in a ward of four beds by changing diffuser angle강정수
2019-02Improvement of Hemodynamic Analysis by 4D Flow MRI: Reynolds Resolution, Partial Volume Effect, Carotid Flow고승빈
2023Improvement of Hybrid Composites for Hydrogen Type IV Tanks배우전
2024Improving Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Performance via Low Temperature Heat Treatment이호재
2024Industrial application of artificial intelligence for solving complex PHM problems김민재
2019-02Influence of Aerosol Inflow Direction on Virtual Impactor PerformanceJi-Eun Heo
2016-08Influence of Mo0.46Fe0.54 content in La0.7Ce0.3Ni4.2Mn0.9Cu0.3 Alloy for Hydrogen Ion Storage in Nickel–metal Hydride Battery명용전
2016-08Influence of Transducer and Signal Processing on the Measurement of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameter이경준
2024Internal Flow Prediction in Arbitrary Shaped Channel Using Stream-Wise Bidirectional LSTM최완욱
2022Investigation of Deposition and Resuspension of Black Carbon Particles according to Tree SpeciesYong-Ho Lee
2023Investigation of melt pool monitoring-based deposition quality prediction in directed energy deposition지성훈