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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Numerical Study of Spin Coating Process Using the Thin Film Equation장진우
2023Task and Motion Planning for Grasping with Object Rearrangement in Clutter이진휘
2023Geometrization of Disease Spread using Dynamic Voronoi Diagram송찬영
2023A lightweight lower extremity exoskeleton using a cable differential mechanism and adaptive control for its bipedal locomotion박재환
2023Equilibrium Analysis-Based Trajectory Generation to Suppress Oscillatory Motion of Under-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robot황성욱
2023Reduction of impact noise generated from electronic devices utilizing psychoacoustical characteristics정성영
2023Lagrangian-Lagrangian simulation of unsteady gas-liquid flow in a bubble column신상우
2022Prediction of mechanical reliability considering the usage environment of the solder joint of various semiconductor products조영정
2022Numerical Simulation for Drag Force of Nano-Particle in High Vacuum서인수
2022Comparison between flapping wings with hindwing and hindwing-less at low Reynolds number이현균
2022Aerodynamic Design of the Secondary Cooling Flow Path in Gas Turbines이정수
2021Experimental and theoretical studies on air and water gap membrane distillation for seawater desalination임백규
2021Conjunctive Orbital Objects Prediction and Planning using Dynamic Voronoi Diagram차제현
2021모델차수축소를 이용한 볼스크류 이송계의 실시간 열오차 예측조뢰
2021Design Optimization of a Secondary-Air-System in an Industrial Gas Turbine이현규
2020-08Development of thin film transistor via intense pulsed light annealing for flexible devices문창진
2020-08Development for an Exoskeleton-Type of Master Device to Improve Operation Convenience이병규
2007-02저항 점 용접로봇에서 서보건의 가압력 제어시스템 개발과 용접품질 향상에 대한 연구이종구
2007-02선박 상부데크의 버트용접에서 갭 대응력 향상을 위한 레이저-아크 하이브리드 용접공정 개발채현병
2007-02격자볼츠만법을 이용한 능동형 미소 혼합기의 혼합 특성 및 성능에 관한 연구김용대