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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Structural and Biochemical Studies of the Bovine Mitochondrial Respirasome and its Ubiquinone Channeling Mechanism유석현
2024Polysaccharide-based hydrogels for tissue engineering using 3D printing technique김현승
2023Surface functionalization of biomaterials with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) for tissue engineering applications이상민
2021Localized delivery of therapeutics using macro-porous ferrogel or gas-generating micelles김충구
2022Development of orally absorbable gold nanoparticles for targeted phototherapy to brain tumorHyung Shik Kim
2022Targeted delivery of therapeutic RNAs for the treatment of ischemic stroke김민경
2022Biofabrication of bone assembloids by self-assembly of spheroids engineered with functionalized synthetic fibers변하연
2021Structural studies on cell signaling modulators, PTPIP51, BRD4, and MerTK박태현
2021Engineering cell adhesive properties on the hydrogel surface for stem cell spheroid-based therapy김세정
2021Study on antibody therapeutics targeting lung cancer membrane김솔
2021Biofabrication of osteochondral tissue by stem cell spheroids engineered with biomimetic fibers and 3D printed micro-chambers이진규
2020-08Engineering structure and function of multicellular spheroids for tissue engineering김은미
2020-08Colorimetric Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles for Monitoring Glucose Levels in Tears박시진
2020-08Cell-Specific Delivery of Fusion Protein for Enhanced Therapeutic Effect김나현
2009-02Biological control of winter harmful algal blooms, Stephanodiscus hantzschii by using algicidal bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens HYK0210-SK09정승원
2011-02헤파린이 결합된 주사 가능한 피브린 젤의 제조방법 및 적용양희석
2011-02재생의학을 위한 세포친화적 생분해성 지지체의 개발신영민
2011-08바이오의약 전달시스템 개발에 관한 연구원영욱
2012-02유전자 치료를 위한 유전자 전달체와 표적 특이적 치료유전자 발현 시스템의 개발김현아
2012-02Metallothionein 융합단백질 개발과 이의 약제학적 응용에 관한 연구임광석