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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Intra-articular treatment of Fas-Binding Peptide reduces inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis김채연
2022Preparation and characterization of stretchable ferrogel for 3D printing문창욱
2023Engineering 3D adipose tissue using biomimetic adipo-inductive nanofibers and hydrogels with controllable mechanical microenvironment최수미
2023Development of orally active gold nanozyme with multi-modalities for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease이시은
2023Anti-obesity-induced inflammation treatment study using adipose tissue homing glycyrrhizin derivative민재홍
2022Structure-based Solubility Engineering of PTP sigma as Protein Therapeutics박성호
2022HMGB1 control-based brain tumor treatment study using lactoferrin-glycyrrhizin conjugate박석찬
2022Development of nanoengineered multi-functional composite cryogels for bone tissue regeneration장규남
2022Development of Branched PEG-Glycyrrhizin Nanoparticles for Improving Liver Cancer Treatment Efficacy김민수
2022Crystal Structure of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase σ Complexed with an Allosteric Inhibitor김소희
2022Composite Gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels incorporating reactive oxygen species scavenging nanofibers for cell encapsulation in tissue engineering이경민
2021Development of Light-sensitive Oxygen Generating Biomaterials through Alginate-Chloroplast transit peptide conjugation김지윤
2021Target Delivery of Chitinase siRNA to Alveolar Macrophage with HMG and R3V6 Micelle Ternary Complex정해윤
2021Structure Studies of ERK Inhibitor-Resistant ERK2 Mutants박윤성
2021Nontoxic Biomimetic Membrane Vesicle as a Gene Carrier for a Glioblastoma Gene Therapy한상록
2021Mixed polymeric micelles with glycyrrhizic acid as a delivery system for acute lung injury gene therapy최명지
2021High quality purification and preliminary Cryo-EM characterization of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex from Bovine Mitochondria김유라
2021Development and Structural Analysis of Novel Bispecific Human IgG1 Antibody platform박정원
2021Delivery of microRNA-21 antagomir using RAGE-binding peptides as a carrier for glioblastoma gene therapy하준규
2021Affinity Engineering of Anti-human Transferrin Receptor Antibody for Drug Delivery across the Blood-Brain Barrier장혜현