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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Fluoropolymer-based plasma polymer thin films for energy device applications조은미
2024A study on the in-situ powder fabrication and sintering behavior of oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS) titanium alloy임현태
2024Optimization of L12 precipitation strengthening in ferrous multi-component alloys양광휘
2024Unveiling Interface and Bulk Defects Beyond Stability Limits in ALD-IGZO FETs for Emerging Semiconductor Applications Dong-Gyu Kim김동규
2023Study on emissivity and ZrSi2 for application to EUV pellicle위성주
2023Hydrogen embrittlement behavior of medium-Mn steel with precipitate박탁민
2023Optimizing multi-stackable oxide TFT for high integration density by Atomic Layer Deposition최완호
2023Study of ternary TaAlN metal gate electrode using atomic layer deposition and MOS device application최문석
2023Metal nanoparticles decorated on 2-D and 3-D phospholipid templates for biochemical analytic detection and energy conversion김주환
2023Al-Mg-Zn Alloy Design with Combined Effects of Solid Solution and Precipitation Strengthening김민상
2023Integrated Study on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured Ti-Nb-Zr Alloy by Selective Laser Melting Process김대겸
2023A Study on the Crystallized IGZO via Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition for Emerging Display Applications홍태현
2023Controlled growth, characterization and applications of atomically-thin two-dimensional layers on three-dimensional structures신재혁
2023Study for hydrogen storage property of TiFe-based hydrogen storage alloy on substituting Mn and/or Cr박기범
2023Effect of carbon-iodine bond in CF3I for atomic layer etching김선용
2022EUV ptychography with high-order harmonic generation source for actinic evaluation of EUV materials김영웅
2022미세피치 플립칩 열압착 접합용 저 열팽창 계수 실란변성 NCA와 Ni-free 표면처리 연구이태영
2022Neuromorphic System with Diffusion Memristor-based Artificial Synapses전유림
2022Impact of thermo-mechanical properties on behavior of pellicle for extreme ultraviolet lithographyJung Hwan Kim
2022Correlation Study Between Current Density and Process Parameters Affecting the Surface Roughness of 316L Stainless Steel in Electropolishing Process양현석