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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Sensory Stimulation Training to Improve Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface Performance하지현
2022Electrical double layer capacitance of dry-spun carbon nanotubes for electrochemical applicationKeon Jung KIM
2021Imaging Genomics Toward Discovering Genetic Risk Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease김보현
2021Development of label free multimodal microscope for biological imaging using single source and detector강주형
2021Toughened Fiber for Artificial Muscle Based on Carbon Nanotube And Graphene Oxide김현수
2021Machine Learning Based Diagnosis of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Using Resting-state Quantitative Electroencephalogram김용욱
2021Deep Neural Networks with Multi-scale Highlighted Foregrounds for White Matter Hyperintensities Segmentation박길순
2017-02Electrochemical energy storage for wearable system최창순
2020-02High-speed parallel confocal detection method with an inverse pinhole array for three-dimensional color imaging김창수
2020-02Dynamic resting-state fMRI analysis박영훈
2020-02Cortical surface-based methods for analyzing the human brain morphology: Graph theoretical analysis and geometric deep learning최용호
2020-02Development of Line Scan Confocal Raman Microscopy using a Spectrometer with Improved Diffraction Efficienc형경초
2019-02Combined fluorescence lifetime imaging–optical coherence tomography for in vivo detection and assessment of high-risk atherosclerotic plaqueNam, Hyeong Soo
2018-02Flexible and Stretchable Fiber for Energy Harvester and Supercapacitor심현준
2017-08세포외기질 강성과 암세포 전이간의 연관성에 관한 세포거동 연구리저유안
2017-08글루코스 센싱 인공근육고세찬
2017-08Genetics effect of structural brain network topology based on network characterizationBoahen Collins Kwadwo