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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Practical Privacy Preserving Authentication for Video and Image고한경
2023Proposing an AI-based approach to imbalanced medical datasets전민종
2022Design and Empirical Study of an Online Education Model Based on B2B2C, Focusing on the Perspective of Art EducationSHAOPENG HOU
2022Study of Factors Influencing Personal Internet Wealth Management맹가가
2022Forward Secure Signature Schemes Supporting Multi-user Aggregation이정혁
2021An Efficient Encryption Framework for Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems이지원
2021Accurate high throughput alignment: Algorithmic solutions for seeding and seed processing슈미트마커스레이너
2020-08정보연계 시스템의 성숙도 모델에 대한 데이터 과학적 접근 : 공항의 EAI를 중심으로하효동
2014-02A Study on Organizational Members’ Psychological Reactance Factors on IT Governance Control조성필
2017-02하이브리드 메모리의 수명을 고려한 버퍼 할당 기법이대영
2017-02Investigate the Success Factors for Social Networking Site (SNS)-based Commerce수아이니
2019Modular SSD Firmware with ISP Framework and Security-Aware SPM ManagementThomas Haywood Dadzie Ekow
2019SNS에 기반을 둔 전자상거래의 서비스 품질에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 연구최정운
2018-02인공 신경망 기반 IoT 정보 보안 시스템 연구이승원
2018-02Integrated Supporting Platform for the Visually Impaired : Using Smart devices and Web-based Server문창배
2017-08Factors that affect Chinese customers' choices between B2C or C2C transaction methodsGu Beiqi
2017-08C2M—B2C의 의존하여 새로운 전자상거래모델첸징
2017-08Investigating the relationship between customers’ online shopping behavior and personal information disclosure왕인