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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Frameworks of Transportation Mode Detection for People with Handicaps: HCI Data Collection Methods, AI Analyses, and Social Science Findings허지웅
2023Data Processing Optimization for Scalable Edge Computing최기한
2023Attention-Based Deep Learning Methods for Sequence Forecasting and Labeling최성민
2023Frameworks for Embodied Mind: HCI Methodologies for Body Perception, Emotion, and Social Interaction정면걸
2023Bioinformatic Approaches to Identify and Characterize Novel Enzymes in Bacterial Genomes and Metagenomes전제현
2023User Modeling on Social Media: Analysis, Methods, and Implications송준호
2023Efficient Generation of Animations using Kinematics and Dynamics강다은
2022무선 전력 통신 네트워크에서 총 처리량 최대화를 위한 Hybrid NOMA/SDMA 및 최적 전력 할당 방법맹주현
2022멀티코어 확장성을 위한 앵커 기반 참조 카운팅 기법정석용
2022HTAP-friendly Version Management Architectures for MVCC Databases김종빈
2022Computational Methods for Discovery and Analyses of Novel Peptides in Proteogenomics최승혁
2022Supporting Function-oriented Remote Task Execution in a Heterogeneous Platform Environment이호철
2022Robust Patch Analysis using Efficient Features and an Attention-based Siamese Classification Neural Network in Binary Executables사미울라
2022Real-time Video Encryption and Decryption Framework based on Start Code Information이민구
2022Omnidirectional Stereo Matching Algorithm for Wide-baseline Multi-camera Systems원창희
2022Graph Reinforcement for Accurate Community Detection and Embedding on Graphs and Hypergraphs강윤석
2022Classification and Clustering Approaches to Identifying Author Groups of Malware홍지원
2021Real-time Omnidirectional VIsual-Inertial SLAM for Autonomous Robots석호창
2021Effective Approaches to Distributed Deep Learning: Methods, Analyses, and Evaluation고윤용
2021Consolidating Cloud, Edge and IoT Resources for Scalable Edge Computing김영진