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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Efficient Algorithms and Methods for Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis and FDR Evaluation Yoonsung Joh조윤성
2024A Hierarchical Blockchain Architecture for Federated Learning in Edge Computing Networks임수양
2024Compiler-based GPGPU Application Optimization Considering Supervised Learning and GPU Resource Utilization유용승
2024Modular Neural Network-based Feature Extraction for Image Classification with Hyperparameter Optimization무왐바카송고다후다
2024Comparative Analysis of Video Codec Efficacy in 3D Graphics Compression동천우
2024Representation Learning Applied to Taxonomy and Function Classification in Computational Molecular Biology곽호진
2024The Compiler-based Application Optimization Frameworks using Approximation, Precision Scaling, and In-storage Processing강석원
2020A Study on File System and Object Store for Persistent Memory황태호
2023렌더링된 웹페이지의 시각적 요소를 활용하는 주요 콘텐트 분할 기법정근성
2023모바일 엣지 컴퓨팅에서 심층 강화학습 기반의 태스크 오프로딩 스케줄러 설계임덕선
2023Methods to Estimate Efficiently False Discovery Rate in Peptide Identification이상정
2023Frameworks of Transportation Mode Detection for People with Handicaps: HCI Data Collection Methods, AI Analyses, and Social Science Findings허지웅
2023Data Processing Optimization for Scalable Edge Computing최기한
2023Attention-Based Deep Learning Methods for Sequence Forecasting and Labeling최성민
2023Frameworks for Embodied Mind: HCI Methodologies for Body Perception, Emotion, and Social Interaction정면걸
2023Bioinformatic Approaches to Identify and Characterize Novel Enzymes in Bacterial Genomes and Metagenomes전제현
2023User Modeling on Social Media: Analysis, Methods, and Implications송준호
2023Efficient Generation of Animations using Kinematics and Dynamics강다은
2022무선 전력 통신 네트워크에서 총 처리량 최대화를 위한 Hybrid NOMA/SDMA 및 최적 전력 할당 방법맹주현
2022멀티코어 확장성을 위한 앵커 기반 참조 카운팅 기법정석용