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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Integrating Attention Mechanism and Low- Rank Approximation into xDeepFM for Advanced Recommendation System장이완
2024Integrating Pseudo-Labeling into Reinforcement Learning for Zero-Shot Text Classification장송밍
2024NovoCert: Statistical validation of de novo peptide sequencing results장선희
2024엣지 환경에서의 대용량 데이터 스트리밍을 위한 아파치 카프카 성능 평가임성준
2024Analyzing Transformer Attention and Domain Prediction for Homology Search이재원
2024Revealing Optimal Solutions in Deep Reinforcement Learning through Knowledge Distillation이봉준
2024비잔틴 분산 합의 알고리즘의 신뢰성 검증을 위한 결함 분류 및 주입 시스템이다예
2024Enhancing Cross-Lingual Transfer윤태준
2024Analyzing Linguistic Dependencies and Proposing Effective Methods through Contrastive Learning in Sentence Representation Learning유영현
2024Effect of Virtual Reality based Wheelchair Simulator with Disability Simulation on Improving Perception towards People with Disabilities유성민
2024Optimizing Deep Learning Model Inference using Efficient Model Partitioning on Edge Devices원준호
2024관광지 추천을 위한 클러스터링 최적화 군집수 결정 및 예측 모델 생성여해진
2024Incorporating Multi-Attention Heads for Click Rate Prediction in Two-Tower Networks안자건
2024CrossDNN: A CTR Prediction Model combining Explicit and Implicit Interactions성영
2024Balancing Lexical and Semantic Quality in Abstractive Summarization설지우
2024Research on the Impact of Emotional Stimuli on Motion-Based Automatic Emotion Recognition배정은
2024Confident Identification of Co-fragmented Peptides from Unrestrictive Modification Search Using Machine Learning박선진
2024문장 생성 모델 학습 및 관광지 리뷰 데이터를 활용한 관광지 분류 모델문준형
2024Random Prior Frame Training for Video Inpainting라영준
2024Occlusion-Resilient Hand/Object Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image노가은