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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Heterogenous OpenCL kernel-aware runtime DVFS system on ARM mobile GPUs이새한
2021Legion: Tailoring Grouped Neural Execution Considering Heterogeneity on Multiple Edge Devices최경환
2023Neural Implicit Surfaces for Large Scenes using Valid Region Sampling민채린
2023An efficient assembler to remove superbubbles, cycles and pseudocycles in assembly graphs루스다
2023자가지도학습 모델 특징 기반 복합모달 주의집중 감정인식 네트워크김청빈
2023가상 회의 시스템을 위한 3D 아바타 얼굴의 텍스처 전이 방법김주은
2023Handover triggering prediction system using ensemble algorithm 2-Step XGBOOST in Non-Terrestrial Network김은수
2023Temporarily Hidden Multi-Object Tracking Method for People with Visual Impairment김예진
2023생물학적 구동과 보상을 기반으로 한 인간 과 비슷한 보행 동작 생성 정책 학습김민관
2023Movement Detection Using KeyFrames in Video Surveillance System김규태
2023X-PDNet: Accurate Joint Plane Instance Segmentation and Monocular Depth Estimation with Cross-Task Attention and Boundary Correction고덕
2023Research on Driver’s Brain Activation during Take-Over Process in Conditional Autonomous Vehicle홍다예
2023LMGAN: Linguistically Informed Semi-Supervised GAN with Multiple Generators조환희
2023Next POI Recommendation based on Spatial-Temporal Attention Network with graph learning조강
2023근골격 모델과 참조 모션을 이용한 이족보행 강화학습전지웅
2023깊이 추정과 시맨틱 세그멘테이션의 다중 태스크 학습임현정
2023An attention-based weight assignment method incorporating local text features and global text features for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis임특
2023매칭 확률을 이용한 학습 기반 특징점 및 기술자 추출 방법이홍범
2023Predicting Epileptic Seizures Using ResNet-LSTM Hybrid Model with Supervised Contrastive Pretrained Model이도현
2023Key-value 데이터베이스에서 쓰기 증폭 현상을 완화하기 위한 접근 방법 분석이기택