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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Correlation between Wheelchair Users’ Great Good Place and their Life Satisfaction via using Colored Motif: focusing on Mobile GPS data신유진
2022사전 외 어휘 임베딩과 트랜스포머를 이용한 텍스트 정규화원은영
2022딥러닝을 이용한 자연어 처리 기반 작성자 판별 방법오해미
2022A Diffusion-Based COVID-19 Related Fake News Detection FrameworkSoeun Han
2022블록체인 네트워크를 위한 확장 가능한 크로스 샤드 트랜잭션 프로토콜이효식
2022DUET: Dually Guided Knowledge Distillation for Recommender Systems with Explicit Feedback김지연
2022환자 쇼크 상태 탐지를 위한 Random Forest 알고리즘 기반의 앙상블 딥러닝 모델정민수
2022Synthesizing Character Animation using Center of Mass Trajectory박근태
2022편집거리를 활용한 보안우회 악성메일 탐지 및 K-Means를 통한 BruteForce 공격 탐지에 관한 연구강효수
2022A Mask Wearing Detection Method based on Improved YOLOv5Zhang Hao
2022Improving Interaction of Selecting Virtual Objects by Considering User’s IntentionsChanhee Kim
2022Enhanced Rendering of Point-Cloud ContentsHeejea Lee
2022복잡한 시각 환경에서 개선된 YOLOv4 알고리즘 기반의 보행자 검출 기술정가흔
2022Clustering and Visualizing Similar Diseases with Comparative Vector Embeddings for Medical Diagnosis왕격
2022Specific Input-LIME Explanations for Tabular Data based on Deep Learning Models안준항
2022Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning-based Task Offloading for Mobile Edge ComputingTiange Xiang
2022Analysis of the association between COVID-19 infection and diabetes and hypertension through ensemble models and classification algorithms이유석
2022Comparison of learning performance of character controller based on deep reinforcement learning according to state representation손채준
2022Smart Flow: A Decentralized ID-Based Smart Contract Workflow Architecture허정인
2022Motion generation based on motion matching with 2-dimentional trajectoriesJeongmin Lee