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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Feasibility test for machine learning-based CO2 saturation monitoring of CCS projects with uncertainty estimation조영화
2023Zero-waste Strategy based on Valorization of Agricultural/Livestock Wastes through the Thermo-chemical Process조성헌
2023Development of Tunnel Invert Heaving Criteria and Optimal Support Systems through FLAC2D & FLAC3D Analyses최요현
2023엔진 재제조 폐수 재활용을 위한 High COD 와 SS 제거천지광
2023커피찌꺼기와 나노 철산화물의 공동열분해를 통한 합성가스 발생 및 금속-바이오차 흡착제 연구장정윤
2023The economic impact and employment effect of energy transition policy in Korea양민영
2023Phyto/Phyco-remediation systems for removal of emerging contaminants from secondary wastewater effluent야다브니키타
2023Engineering-scale subsurface imaging using P-waves extracted from traffic noise signals송영석
2023Prokaryotic metataxonomics for analysis of field-scale anaerobic digesters and fecal microbiome김후
2022Assessment of Ground Condition, Blasting Efficiency, Hole Alignment through a Long and Large-diameter Uncharged Hole김민성
2022Machine learning-based seismic interpretation considering the lack of labeled data김도완
2022Bayesian deep learning based on dropout for AVO inversion with uncertainty estimation최준환
2021금광석 선광플랜트 분쇄/분급 공정의 최적화에 관한 연구이원재
2021Production of high titer biofuels from microalgal biomass through energy-saving integrated process하건수
2021Moment Tensor Inversion of Microseismic Data under Insufficient Velocity Information using the Domain Adaptation Method최지훈
2021EOR Efficiency of Low-Salinity Polymerflooding in Acidic Carbonate Reservoirs이연경
2020-08Quantification of Attachment behavior of Hydrophobic Mineral Surface to Air Bubble in Flotation한성수
2013-02캐나다 혼리버 셰일가스전에서 다단계 수압파쇄 수평정의 가스 생산량 예측이계정
2013-02캐나다 친케층에서의 다단계 수압파쇄에 의한 파쇄 균열 시스템 분석 연구문상호
2013-02Preparation of Millimeter‒Sized Porous Spheres with Hierarchical Pore Structures for Resources and Environmental Materials한요셉