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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023토공 자동화 시스템 적용시 현장 직.간접비 절감 효과 분석김동원
2023Tsunami Inundation Map Creation Method based on CNN and Logic Tree Technique강준호
2023Evaluating the Coefficient of Lateral Stress at Rest (K0) of Granular Materials under Repetitive Loading Conditions한희림
2023Framework for Earthwork Monitoring and Simulation using Smartphone GPS Data and PointCloud조현석
20233D Point Cloud Data-based Deep Learning for Enrichment of BIM Interoperability임태열
2023Photocatalytic comparison of stainless steel nanotube plate and mesh in aqueous organic compounds degradation임종도
2023생성형 모델을 활용한 가상 굴삭기 자세 데이터 증강 방법임승건
2023Full-Scale Testing and Modeling of a Soundproof Girder System이제형
2023스마트 송장을 통한 사토관리 업무 개선에 관한 연구이동섭
2023전기응집부상을 이용한 탁도 및 TMAH 동시 처리 기작우호양
2023Model Development and Seismic Fragility Assessment of Precast Segmental Bridge Columns신한별
2023Effect of ice packs on the synthesis of fly ash-based geopolymer and its use in soft clay stabilization서예니
2023구리분말을 적용한 시멘트 모르터의 융빙성능 검증배재현
2023A study on Analysis of Demonstration and Standardization of Data for developing Integrated Control system about Smart Construction Information김선준
2022Scaffolding Acceleration-based Deep Learning Modeling for Fall-related Behavior Monitoring이강호
2022Simulation and Automation for Tower Crane 3D Lift Planning Using Reinforcement LearningSung Hwan Cho
2022The photochemical destruction of diverse VOCs by Pt/TiO2 in relation to changes in environmental variables유지원
2022Synthesis of iron oxide nanostructures and parameter optimization by electrochemical anodization조민현
2022Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2/NiO@SSM catalyst for photocatalytic oxidation of Bisphenol A김나희
2022Surface modification of thin film composite membrane with polydopamine and curcumin to mitigate biofouling계뢰