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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Scaffolding Acceleration-based Deep Learning Modeling for Fall-related Behavior Monitoring이강호
2022Simulation and Automation for Tower Crane 3D Lift Planning Using Reinforcement LearningSung Hwan Cho
2022The photochemical destruction of diverse VOCs by Pt/TiO2 in relation to changes in environmental variables유지원
2022Synthesis of iron oxide nanostructures and parameter optimization by electrochemical anodization조민현
2022Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2/NiO@SSM catalyst for photocatalytic oxidation of Bisphenol A김나희
2022Surface modification of thin film composite membrane with polydopamine and curcumin to mitigate biofouling계뢰
2022Study on the Thermal Energy Storage Performance of PCM/epoxy/SiC-composite Fine Aggregates유동호
2022Sensitivity Analyses of Fault Parameters for Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment(PTHA)정현기
2022Evaluation of structural soundness through mock-up test during fill-up sateges for a near-surface disposal facility vault최인용
2022Evaluation of multi-contaminated soil remediated by electrical resistance heating method김창주
2022Development of self-assembled zirconium oxide nanotubes for phosphate recovery in water정현지
2022Development of an automated design program's framework of target model for automation equipment하다현
2022Classification of Construction Equipment Working Types using GNSS sensor data and Machine learning정민혁
2022Biomechanical Simulation Approach to Identification, Evaluation, and Intervention of Ergonomic Risk of Reinforced Concrete Work서혜원
2022A study on the enhancement of thermal characteristics by using thermal conductive materials for underfloor mortar이근영
2022A case study on waste lime earthwork management method using 3D digital model배정열
2021The utility of metal-organic framework as cold trap sorbent for the thermal-desorption based analysis of gaseous pollutants한솔
2021The potential utility of Pt/TiO2 as thermocatalyst of volatile organic compounds in air이영재
2021Silt Density Index (SDI) standardization on membrane materials in wastewater reuse using Reverse Osmosis (RO) process유희영
2021Optimal site selection for solar photovoltaic power plants using machine learning techniques and GIS-BIM integration approaches허재