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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Metabolite tracing for enhanced production of sustainable fuel and chemicals in syngas fermentation of Clostridium carboxidivoransHwang, Jeong Hoon
2022Three phase boundary engineering in photo and electrocatalytic NH3 productionChohee Lee
2022Controlling the Internal Porous Structure of Polyimide Aerogel prepared by Water-soluble Poly(amic acid) salt via HIPE Method and its Li-M Battery ApplicationsSun-Kyu Kim
2022Effect of Diol Addition in Surfactant Solution on Foaming and Emulsion PropertiesGiam Lee
2022갈락토올리고당 혼합물 내 갈락토트리오스의 고순도 회수를 위한 크로마토그래피 시스템 및 파라미터의 결정배경우
2022Process Design and Optimization of On-site Hydrogen Production Subject to CO2 CaptureYerin Ahn
2022다공성 지지체의 표면 에너지 제어를 통한 탄화수소계 고분자 전해질 복합막의 제조와 에너지 변환 장치 적용에 관한 연구홍승재
2022Syntheses and Characterization of a New Gemini Type of Photo-responsive Surfactants Containing an Azobenzene Group최영진
2022Synaptic Tactile Memory Transistor Based on Piezo-ionic Dynamics인치훈
2022Study on the cycling performance of lithium metal batteries employing lithium electrode protected by hybrid electrolyte with high lithium-ion transference number이보형
2022Self-assembly, Photopolymerization and Colorimetric Response of Disulfide-containing Diacetylenes양찬희
2022Process Design and Economic Assessment of Biomass-based Hydrogen Production Processes박종혁
2022Preparation of PVA/ZnO nanofibers crosslinked with citric acid and their anti-acne activity정소연
2022Enhancement of Interfacial Adhesion Based on All Organic Gel System for Foldable Polymer Transistor박상준
2022Enhanced Image Segmentation Method Based on FIB-SEM Tomography for the Improved 3D Reconstruction of Battery Cathode안희지
2022Chemically cross-linked gel polymer electrolytes synthesized from single-ion conducting monomers for lithium-ion batteries김정윤
2022Biocompatible Ionogel-based Implantable Wireless Pressure Sensor for Real-time Cardiovascular Monitoring박준재
2022A study on the understanding of a silicon-polymer hybrid solar cell전현익
20223D Hierarchical Chiral Plasmonic Wavy Patterns with Visible to Short-wave Infrared Chiroptical Responses곽세란
2021왕겨 실리카 추출 공정 및 화장품 소재 적용 연구박지연