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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022In-situ crosslinked comb-like solid polymer electrolyte using a thiol-ene click chemistry for all solid state polymer batteries허훈주
2022Fabrication of Inorganic Colloidal Pattern by Solution Processes최민주
2023A Study on Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Methanol over Pt/YSZ Catalysts with High H₂ Selectivity and Hydrothermal Stability박동운
2020Process Design of a Low-Temperature CO2 Separation Process for Gas Processing박종성
2023Preparation of PEDOT:PSS nanofiber using electrospinning and its electrical conductivity홍사덕
2023Dual Type-Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium Metal Battery with Excellent Cyclability and High-Voltage Stability표수진
2023Surface modification of silica nanoparticles with Diol and enhancement of dispersion stability최정빈
2023A Study on the Characteristics of the Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst by Optimizing Thermal Shock Synthesis and the Application on Dehydrogenation제갈민지
2023Photo-patternable Elastic Polymer Network Electrolyte for Highly Integrated Deformable Iontronics정욱진
2023Degradation processes of biodegradable plastic films in the terrestrial environments장지수
2023Thermochromic Cyclic Dipeptide-Polydiacetylene Nanotube Adjusted for Co-Solvent Polarity장강희
2023Enhanced caproic acid production with crude glycerol of a biodiesel by-product by Caproiciproducens galactitolivorans이현정
2023열 안정성이 높고 전해질 습윤성이 개선된 리튬 이온 배터리용 분리막으로 전기방사된 PVDF-HFP/PAN 혼합 나노섬유이재선
2023Low-Temperature Fabrication for Condensation-Based SnO₂ Electron Transport Layer for the Perovskite Solar Cells이상혁
2023Sysnthesis and fabrication of binder-free electrodes for oxygen evolution reaction양승민
2023Functionalized Ionic Liquid as a Film-forming Additive for Lithium-Ion Batteries신영경
2023Process Design of E-fuel Production Systems using Power-to-Syngas Process based on Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction송다은
2023Anaerobic degradation of glycolysis products of polyethylene terephthalate변혜빈
2023반사 방지 코팅을 위한 PMMA/중공 실리카 구형 나노 입자 복합 박막의 투과율 향상에 관한 연구노석준
2023Microstructural evolution of graphite electrode during calendering using 3D reconstruction technique김혜영