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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021왕겨 실리카 추출 공정 및 화장품 소재 적용 연구박지연
2021The Synthesis of Self-healable Elastomers with Heterocyclic Isosorbide Oligomers for the Enhanced Mechanical Properties김기승
2021Fast degradation of polyimide from aromatic diamine with two spiro moieties of camphor심수지
2021Fabrication of Deformable Ion-gel Gated Organic Transistors via Photo-patterning for Low-powered Skin Devices이채영
2021Design and Synthesis of Polyimide with Low Dielectric Propertiesfor High-Frequency Communication이지원
2021Characterization of Hydrophobic Mesoporous Silica Modified with Non fluorinated Alkyl Silanes표채은
2021A Study on Anaerobic Digestion Characteristic of Rice Husk depending on Substrate Conditions박선영
2021The Colorimetric and Fluorescent Sensors Based on Heterocycle Containing Polydiacetylene (PDA)신현정
2021Synthesis of amine modified ZnO nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activities in micellar solutions under UV irradiation윤진수
2021Size effect of carboxymethyl chitin nanocrystals on Pickering foam and emulsion in aqueous solution조민승
2021Robust design of a three-zone simulated moving bed process for high-purity and high-throughput separation under adsorption parameter uncertainty김진우
2021Reentrant Micro-Cellular Foam Electrodes with Graphene/Carbon Nanotubes for Stretchable Lithium Metal Batteries김나연
2021Random Copolymerization of Polythiophene for Simultaneous Enhancement of In-plane and Out-of-plane Charge Transport for Organic Transistors and Perovskite Solar Cells고성연
2021Prediction and analysis on transport properties of PEMFC self-humidifying catalyst layer through 3D reconstruction from a single image이화우
2021Photo-polymerized self-healing polymers depending on the amount of two diurethane acrylate monomers박태영
2021Organic Chemical Sensor with Cumulative NO2 History Based on Amine-Functionalized Semiconducting Polymer Gels고푸른산
2021Iontronic Synaptic Tactile Transistors Based on Mechano-gated Ion Pump김윤아
2021Highly Sensitive Detection of Ammonia Based on Protonated Cytosine-containing Colorimetric and Fluorometric Polydiacetylene황혜민
2021Fabrication of PAN/amine-functionalized ZnO nanofibers and their performance of photocatalytic activity and antibacterial activity김혜원
2021Fabrication of Micro-Nano Chiral Structures using Block Copolymer Self-Assembly and Buckling신민경