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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysis of the Multiple Rows Hammering Effect on Retention time on DRAM윤동혁
2022Benefit Quantifications of Random Memory Test Patterns by Fault Coverage Analysis이기석
2021Study on the degradation mechanisms of thermal and defect properties in light-emitting diodes based on noncontact laser technique정동광
2021Signal Detection and Classification based on 2D-CNN via Imagification in Wireless Communication서동호
2021Research on DC-DC Converters for Low-Power Mobile Applications전인호
2021Design of High-Efficiency Fast-Transient DC-DC Converters탕준
2021DDR4 Intermittent failures due to FBGA solder ball defects무하마드와카르
2021Fault Syndrome Approach for Measuring System-Level Radiation Effects: A Case Study on Smartphones박근용
2020-08Soft Error Analysis of Advanced Memory Devices: A Radiation Particle Perspective전상훈
2007-08모바일 플랫폼의 실행 엔진 설계 및 성능 분석이상윤
2013-08Interrelationships of electrical, optical, temperature characteristics and defect density in GaN-based light-emitting diodes윤주선
2014-02An Efficient LIN MCU Design for In-Vehicle Networks연규봉
2014-08Memory Reliability Analysis for Radiation-Induced Soft Errors: An Architectural Perspective이순영
2015-08질화물계 발광다이오드의 전기·광·온도 특성 및 결함 밀도의 상관관계윤주선
2015-08고성능 델타-시그마 모듈레이터설계정영재
2015-08Design of high-performance delta-sigma modulator for wideband analog-to-digital conversion왕지동
2015-08Vision-Based Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection under Different Weather Conditions우등
2015-08Low-Voltage High-Precision Bandgap Reference Circuit뚜안취엔쩐
2016-02Robust Low Power CMOS Design for Memory and Interface Circuits나임마루프
2016-02Study on GaN-based Near-Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes최효식