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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Benefit Quantifications of Random Memory Test Patterns by Fault Coverage Analysis이기석
2021Study on the degradation mechanisms of thermal and defect properties in light-emitting diodes based on noncontact laser technique정동광
2021Signal Detection and Classification based on 2D-CNN via Imagification in Wireless Communication서동호
2021Research on DC-DC Converters for Low-Power Mobile Applications전인호
2021Design of High-Efficiency Fast-Transient DC-DC Converters탕준
2021DDR4 Intermittent failures due to FBGA solder ball defects무하마드와카르
2021Fault Syndrome Approach for Measuring System-Level Radiation Effects: A Case Study on Smartphones박근용
2020-08Soft Error Analysis of Advanced Memory Devices: A Radiation Particle Perspective전상훈
2007-08모바일 플랫폼의 실행 엔진 설계 및 성능 분석이상윤
2013-08Interrelationships of electrical, optical, temperature characteristics and defect density in GaN-based light-emitting diodes윤주선
2014-02An Efficient LIN MCU Design for In-Vehicle Networks연규봉
2014-08Memory Reliability Analysis for Radiation-Induced Soft Errors: An Architectural Perspective이순영
2015-08질화물계 발광다이오드의 전기·광·온도 특성 및 결함 밀도의 상관관계윤주선
2015-08고성능 델타-시그마 모듈레이터설계정영재
2015-08Design of high-performance delta-sigma modulator for wideband analog-to-digital conversion왕지동
2015-08Vision-Based Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection under Different Weather Conditions우등
2015-08Low-Voltage High-Precision Bandgap Reference Circuit뚜안취엔쩐
2016-02Robust Low Power CMOS Design for Memory and Interface Circuits나임마루프
2016-02Study on GaN-based Near-Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes최효식
2016-08실험에 근거한 로우 해머링 고장 현상의 규명 및 분석박경배