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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Design of Essential Blocks for Wireless and Optical Receivers임창우
2024Discovering rare variant elements from next generation sequencing data in genomics배준우
2024New Architectures for End-to-End Network Slicing in 5G and 6G Communications박기범
2023Improving Write Distribution in Non-Volatile Main Memory on Tiny Devices via Task Stack Migration이정민
2021Efficient Hardware Accelerator Design of Binarized and Ternarized Segmentation Network for Image Segmentation Inferences김현우
2023복합 스트레스 환경에서 전자부품용 소재의 신뢰성 분석김제민
2023클라우드 기반 로보틱스 시스템 설계 및 구현구세완
2020Highly Reliable Physical Unclonable Functions Based on Stochastic Defects in Integrated Circuits전두현
2023NAND Program with Early Completion Method to Improve Write Response of Flash Memory장문석
2023Wearable and Implantable Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Sensing and Energy Harvesting in Healthcare Applications이르판사비르
2023A Study on Si nanowire based 1T-DRAM with Improvements of Retention Time and Disturb Immunity장성환
2022Salient Object Detection Techniques Using Pre-processing Filters and Multiple Saliency CuesKyungjun Lee
2022A Study on LTE Handover in Heterogeneous Network based on NS-3김대진
2022Development and Integrated Demonstration Tests of Korean eCall SystemSangheon Kim
2022Implementation & Performance Analysis of a Non-codebook Based MU-MIMO System with Dynamic Precoding for TDD LTE-AdvancedSang Wook HAN
2022Decentralized Platooning System and Integrated Simulator for Cooperative Eco-drivingGeonil Lee
2022A study on communication algorithms and test system using ETSI RRS standard for reconfigurable mobile deviceDong Hyun KUM
2022Metadata Management Algorithms for Improving Performance of Memory-limited Flash Storage이경용
2022High Performance and Low Complexity Decoding Algorithms for Nonbinary LDPC codes박경빈
2022Energy-Efficient and High-Frame-Rate Analog Front-End ICs for Ultrasound Imaging Systems정지용