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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Statistical Model and Deep Q-Network-based pre-processing for Robust Speech Recognition박태준
2021A study on transferrable TiO2 nanostructures and applications to optoelectronic devices김도현
2021위협모델링을 이용한 보안 목표 및 요구사항 정의와 차량어플리케이션에 적용하기 위한 사례연구박진서
2021어라운드뷰 카메라를 위한 자동 보정 방법 및 장애물 검출 방법이윤희
2021Power Management Circuits with Time-Based Control강진규
2021Performance improvement techniques for channel-adaptive random access이지훈
2021Improved Deblocking Filters for Higher Video Coding Efficiency이정현
2021High-Performance and High-Reliability DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Systems in IoT Applications정재형
2021Event-camera-based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using the Attentional ConvRNN for Low Latency신승혁
2021Development of on-chip microfluidic devices and sensors for the separation and detection of circulating tumor cells이주신
2021Design of Balise Transmission Module and its Field Validation박준범
2021Cross-Tower Network for Jointly Suppressing Acoustic Echo and Background Noise박송규
2021Cooperative Environment Perception for Connected and Automated Vehicles백민진
2021Asymptotic Analysis of Blind Reconstruction of BCH Codes and A New Method Based on Single-Error Correction송민기
2021A Simulator for Time-Sensitive In-Vehicle Networks in Autonomous Driving이주호
2021A novel model for CDM-based random access and its application to performance analysis최회상
2020-08Configuration and Diagnosis about Control Pilot and Protective Earth Line for Electric Vehicle Charging Communication김도형
2020-08정책/가치 심층강화학습 기반 실세계에서의 로봇 파지 작업김종복
2020-08Study on the growth and polishing process of free-standing GaN substrate growth by HVPE method for high brightness light emitting diode심재형
2020-08Study on Reliability Modeling and Defective cell screening of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions최철민