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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Synthesis and characterization of aromatic group-cored amphiphiles for membrane protein study루브나가니
2023Pathogen-derived peptides in drug targeting and its therapeutic approach조은이
2023Colon Disease Targeted Therapy: Functional Therapeutic Peptides-Based Agents문석준
2023Optimization of detergent properties for membrane protein study이현승
2023Investigating the Electrochemical Properties of Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials Controlled by Interfacial Engineering이근준
2023Exosomes from Reprogrammed Human Hepatic Stem Cells for the Treatment of Liver Diseases: A Confirmation and Mechanism Analysis of Therapeutic Effects굴카리마
2022생체 바이오마커의 고감도 검출을 위한 나노자임 기반의 의료진단소재 개발손성은
2022New paper based ammonia and pH sensors utilizing controlled sample transport and efficient colorimetric detectionYeong Beom Cho
2022Injectable Hydrogels of Block Copolypeptides with Multiple Stimuli Responsiveness and Their Anisotropic Nanofibers for Biomedical ApplicationsJae Sang Lee
2022Electrically Conductive Polymer Nanofibers Prepared by Vapor Phase Polymerization and Their Gas-sensing ApplicationsTae Sun Jun
2022Development of novel amphiphiles with high hydrophobic density for membrane protein studyHo Jin Lee
2022Calcium ionophore-activated platelets induce eosinophil extracellular trapMyeong Seong Sim
2022Phyllosilicate Clay-based Functional Nanomaterials for Hazard Absorbents and a Humidity-driven Bending Actuator뉴엔쿠옹
2022Identification and characterization of long non-coding RNAs in BET inhibitor-treated human hepatocellular carcinoma cells최해인
2022First Principle Calculations for the Study of Solid-state Electrolytes전병선
2022Exposome Study to Understand Effects of Environmental Exposure on Health Outcomes고은정
2021Stimuli Triggered Self-assembly of Elastin-based Block Copolypeptides for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering암나바쉬르
2021Mechanistic Insight into Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Nanocluster-Sensitized Photoelectrodes칸리즈완
2021Development of Nanozyme-based Electrochemical Biosensors for Nonenzymatic Detection of Biomolecules쩐반쿠에
2021Utilization of Metal-Organic Framework-based Hybrid Material in Adsorption and Sensing Applications부이트렁투웬