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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Identification and quantification of bitter and spiciness-related tastants using human taste receptor-based nanodiscs and baculovirus particles황준영
2024Analysis of the Effect of temperature on Phage Production via ATP Expenditure최영균
2024Photothermal and Colorimetric Detection of Cholesterol using Hollow Ruthenium Nanoparticles천세화
2024Cancer Therapy via the Photothermal Effects of Biocompatible Molybdenum Diselenide Nanosheets이수정
2024One-step synthesis of mesoporous platinum nanoparticles with peroxidase-like activity for colorimetric detection of glucose김준영
2023Anti-Biofouling TENG inspired by Microstructures of the Shark-Skin Denticle한상민
2023Multifunctional Nanoparticle-Based Surface Accumulative Nucleic Acid Amplification Platform for Ultrasensitive and Rapid Electrochemical Detection소정욱
2023Functionalization of cell surface membranes via coating with M13 bacteriophage서원빈
2023Development of a Liver-on-a-chip System to Evaluate Drug Metabolism and Hepatotoxicity based on HepaRG 3D Spheroids김애진
2023Development of Bitter Taste Mimicking Bioelectronic Sensor Using Nanodisc of TAS2R16이세준
2023생물의학 응용을 위한 형광 금 나노클러스터 어셈블리와 금 나노입자 합성김민아
2022Antioxidant Activities of Mesoporous Platinum Nanozymes for Cell ProtectionSeong Nyeon Kim
2022Hydrophobic variants of tandem malonate-based glucosides (TMG) for membrane protein studySoyoung Yoon
2022표면의 산소공공에 의한 리튬타이타네이트에서의 메모리 효과임한솔
2022The BET inhibitor Attenuates the Inflammatory Response and Cell Migration in Human Microglial HMC3 Cells유은영
2022Nanostructured TiNbO4 as a Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Material박상은
2022GABAA receptor nanovesicle-based biosensors for mimicking GABAergic neurotransmission양인우
2022Effect of Hafnium Dopant on the Electrochemical Performance of LiNiO2 for Lithium-Ion Battery유기훈
2022Development of Receptor-Based Biosensors for Mimicking Human Cold Sensation and Detection of SARS-CoV-2이한나
2022Application of Peroxidase-mimic PVP/PtRu nanozyme: Determination of Lysophosphatidylcholine Using Enzymatic Assay박지연