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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Spin-Orbit Torque-Driven Artificial Devices and Reconfigurable Logic gates by Anomalous Hall Effect in W/CoFeB/MgO Frame신정훈
2024A Study on Achieving Erosion-Less Depending on Pattern Density via Radical Oxidation in Copper-Film Chemical–Mechanical Planarization김성인
2023Stabilization of tetragonal phase in zirconium dioxide thin films using atomic layer deposition송석휘
2023Research on Molecular Layer Deposition with Aromatic ligand : Graphitic carbon and Area Selective Deposition백건호
2023Characteristics of two dimensional tin sulfide with low temperature atomic layer deposition최연식
2023A study on silicon oxide thin films deposited by remote plasma ALD for self-aligned patterning박수현
2023Characteristics of titanium dioxide thin film depending on the seed layer and post-treatment김병욱
2022Studies on electrical diagnostic methods for measurement of plasma parameters and dielectric film thickness in deposition plasmas이무영
2022Development and application of SnS2 transistors이건우
2021Study on optical and thermo-mechanical stability of Ru/Si-rich SiNx EUV pellicle composite장용주
2020-08Electrical analysis of filamentary resistive switching behaviors based on tantalum oxide material for nonvolatile memory백광호
2012-022−GHz~6−GHz 대역에서 재구성 가능한 무선 RF 수신기박재우
2013-02구리 합금을 이용한 확산 방지막 자가형성 공정 연구문대용
2013-02Microstructural engineering of metal oxide thin films deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition이재상
2013-02Design of CMP Slurry of Polycrystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 Film for Phase Change Memory Device조종영
2013-02A Study on Erase Speed Enhancement of 3D Vertical NAND Flash Memories by using Bulk-Erasable Electrodes김경록
2014-02텅스텐 화학적 기계적 연마 공정에서 표면 개질 조절을 위한 산화 촉진제에 대한 연구임재형
2014-02실리콘 웨이퍼 경면 연마 공정에서 표면 품질 개선을 위한 고분자 중합체에 대한 연구황희섭
2015-02새로운 물체 검출 기법을 이용한 효과적인 노이즈 제거 알고리즘안상우
2015-02Complementary resistive switching behaviors of TiO2-based tri-layer and electrical nonlinear properties of PNP selectors based p-CoOx and n-IGZO oxide semiconductors.배윤철