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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022경사 증착 기법을 활용한 나노스케일 IGZO 박막트랜지스터의 제작 공정 개발이연수
2022Remote plasma atomic layer deposition of SiNx gate spacer using BDEAS and N2 plasma박태훈
2022Reducing Refresh Overhead with In-DRAM Error Correction Codes권한별
2022Optical properties of EUV mask for enhanced imaging performance김득규
2022Dry development of silsesquioxane-based photoresists using CF3I신상휴
2022A Study on the measurement of individual ion density using floating harmonics probe in two ion species plasmas이무현
2022A Study on CuTe/GeS2-based Memristor for Artificial Neuron Devices정성목
2022A Study of Ferric Sulfate Catalyst for C-M-C Metal Complex Formation in SOC Film Chemical Mechanical Planarization이종찬
2022A Simulation Study on Impact of Residual Stress on Polysilicon Channel in Scaled 3D NAND Flash Memory이주영
2022Analog Assisted Digital Low Drop Out Technique for High Power Supply Rejection양동주
2022A 6-bit 1-GS/s SAR ADC with a Split Capacitor Partial Monotonic Switching Method표창현
2021Thermal atomic layer deposition of Molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) using metal organic precursor and H2O reactant이정훈
2021RF distortion effect by the inductive load on the floating harmonic method황재구
2021Multi-stack absorber binary intensity mask using nickel for high numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet lithography한윤종
2021Low-damage growth of Silicon Oxide by Remote Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition using CO2 Plasma송재원
2021High quality SiO2 film by radical improved DC bias Plasma enhanced Atomic layer deposition using BDEAS and CO2 p한승욱
2021High Efficiency PWM Boost Converter Using Small-Sized Inductor Having Large DCR서영교
2021Enhancement of Spin-Orbit Torque Efficiency using A15 Crystalline W3Ta in W3Ta/CoFeB/MgO Structure이현규
2021Effect on the mask imaging performance of the wrinkled EUV pellicle유병민
2021Effect of Nano-Scale Hindrance-Layer of Amine-Functional Organic Polymer on Self-Stop Chemical Mechanical Planarization이제환