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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12A systematic review on fake news research through the lens of news creation and consumption: Research efforts, challenges, and future directions한경식
2021-12Adversarial Learning of Balanced Triangles for Accurate Community Detection on Signed Networks한경식
2022-04I Have No Text in My Post: Using Visual Hints to Model User Emotions in Social Media한경식
2022-04Prediction for Retrospection: Integrating Algorithmic Stress Prediction into Personal Informatics Systems for College Students' Mental Health한경식
2022-05APOTS: A Model for Adversarial Prediction of Traffic Speed한경식
2022-06자폐증이 있는 개인의 데일리 루틴 지원을 위한 모바일 게임 디자인 연구한경식
2021-08Evoking an intentional stance during human-agent social interaction: Appearances can be deceivingCasey Bennett
2021-08Development of Speech Dialogue Systems for Social AI in Cooperative Game EnvironmentsCasey Bennett
2021-11When no one is watching: Ecological momentary assessment to understand situated social robot use in healthcareCasey Bennett
2022-02Exploring Data-Driven Components of Socially Intelligent AI through Cooperative Game ParadigmsCasey Bennett
2022-07Predicting clinically relevant changes in bipolar disorder outside the clinic walls based on pervasive technology interactions via smartphone typing dynamicsCasey Bennett
2021-11The More, the Better? Improving VR Firefighting Training System with Realistic Firefighter Tools as Controllers한경식