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Quantitative neurotoxic effects of heavy metals and glutamate in HT-22 cells

Quantitative neurotoxic effects of heavy metals and glutamate in HT-22 cells
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HT-22 세포에서 중금속과 글루탐산에 의한 신경독성의 정량적 평가
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Jamsranjav Ariunzaya
Ok-Nam Bae
Issue Date
2022. 8
Environmental contamination of toxic heavy metals has been a threat to human health. Strong association of neurological disorders and exposure to heavy metals (Pb2+, Hg2+, As5+, As3+, and Cd2+) has been observed in epidemiological studies, but the interaction effect of these metals neurotoxicity induced with endogenous neurotoxic stimuli remains to be elucidated. Glutamate is the abundant neurotransmitter in the brain but, excessive extracellular glutamate leads to glutamate induced oxidative stress and excito-toxicity. In this research work, we investigated the low concentration and high concentration of combination effects of heavy metals and glutamate neurotoxicity on in-vitro hippocampal neuronal cell line HT-22. Toxic heavy metals, Pb2+, Hg2+, As5+, As3+, Cd2+, and glutamate were treated to neuronal cells individually, or as mixtures of each metal and glutamate, and changes of cell viability were measured using MTT assay. CompuSyn program with the Chou-Talalay analysis, synergistic, antagonistic, or additive effects of each metal and glutamate were quantitatively calculated. Combination effects of heavy metals and glutamate showed higher neurotoxic effects compared to individual toxicity, and the interaction effects of heavy metals with glutamate with low concentration ratio (LCR), high concentration ratio (HCR) were found to be as synergistic effects with Pb2+ in both LCR and HCR, antagonistic and synergistic effects with Hg2+ in LCR and HCR, antagonistic and additive effects with As5+ in LCR and HCR, antagonistic effects with As3+, Cd2+ in both LCR and HCR. In this study, we quantitatively estimated heavy metals with endogenous neurotoxin glutamate’s combination interactions and demonstrated that Pb2+ is the heavy metal that interacts as synergistic with glutamate toxicity.
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