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Experimental verification of operational quasi-probability for quantum state tomography and contextual metrology

Experimental verification of operational quasi-probability for quantum state tomography and contextual metrology
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양자 상태 판별 및 맥락적 양자 측정 방법론을 위한 조작적 준-확률 함수에 대한 실험적 검증
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2022. 8
Comparison of quantum and classical statistics allows to identify the quantum features, and thus to provides important insights for understanding quantum physics. For example, the negative value of quasi-probability distribution functions can be a signature of a quantum state. One of the quasi-probability distribution functions, the Wigner function, has been generalized to discrete systems in the development of quantum informatics, and applied in a range of quantum information processing, including quantum tomography, quantum teleportation, and quantum algorithm analysis. Recently, it has been suggested theoretically an operational quasi-probability which can be accessed by experiments. The operational quasi-probability distribution function is proposed on a sequential measurement basis. In this study, we have tested experimentally the negativity of the suggested quasi-probability by measuring the polarization state of single photons. In addition, it was experimentally verified that the incompatibility in the measurement can be a resource for improving the measurement performance. A new quantum estimation based on the incompatibility possibly allows an enhanced measurement precision beyond the quantum Cramer-Rao bound which has been known as the ultimate limit in the metrology. This, so called, contextual estimation utilizes the operational quasi-probability distribution function. In this study, we have verified experimentally the performance of this contextual estimation. In order to check whether it is applicable to actual measurement, the concentration of sucrose solution has been measured. In short, the operational quasi-probability has been verified in experiment for quantum state tomography and for quantum contextual estimation.
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