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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Pose-guided Person Image Generation using SPADE Normalization Network하민수
2024동적인 환경에서의 안정적인 주행과 장애물 회피를 위한 심층 강화학습 기반 모바일 로봇 자율 주행최승범
2024준 지도 학습 딥러닝 세그멘테이션 모델과 포인트 클라우드 데이터를 활용한 용접 자동화 시스템전재훈
2024Real-time Analysis of Cascading Failures due to Wireless Network Instability임지섭
2024Routing Strategy with Minimal Signaling Overhead for Link Failure in LEO Satellite Networks임정주
2024AI-Based Medical Data Processing System and Model Interpretation through XAI이시렬
2024Improving Fine-grained Named Entity Recognition with Large-scale Coarse-grained Datasets이수아
2024Traffic flow-based load balancing routing for imbalanced traffic distribution in LEO satellite networks오주현
2024Novel Anomaly Detection Research for Diverse Clinical Cases in Otorhinolaryngology송다혜
2024Prediction of Obesity using Metabolites and Genetic Variants in the Korea Association REsource (KARE) cohort남승현
2024Intent Classification for Conversational Financial Information Retrieval김지훈
2024Methods to Enhance Data Labeling Efficiency Using Large Language Models김민우
2024Masked Pose Embedding For View And Occlusion Invariance In Posture Analysis고지수
2023Detection and Measurement of Illicit Promotional Content on Chinese TikTok쟝루
2023FEMU white-box모드인 Open-Channel SSD 커널 분석윤균홍
2023Night Pedestrian Detection Method Based on Low-Light Data Enhancement산천
2023트랜스포머 기반의 음성감정인식 연구박재선
2023Robust Eye Blink Detection Using Video Vision Transformer홍정민
2023CL-Glow TTS: Conv-LSTM을 이용한 Zero Shot TTS김준범
2023주물제품 이상검출 효율 향상을 위한 딥러닝 모델 경량화홍성우