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dc.identifier.citation한국문화, no. 92, pages. 161-196en_US
dc.identifier.issn2671-8413; 1226-8356en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』 has been utilized as an important material to understand society of the 15th century in the Joseon Dynasty as its geographical and humanistic information was included in it. Especially, information on 8 provinces, the number of reclamation (墾田) by county and prefecture, the number of households (戶口) can be crucial materials to grasp the current state of the economy of the Joseon Dynasty in the early and middle 15th century. In addition, checking the Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』 through other materials and crossing checking, the contents have also found to be very accurate. However, there is the statistics with differentials in the contents of the Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』, which is the number of reclamation in Hwanghae-do. Summary discussion of each province and separate contents by county and prefecture were included in the Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』. In case of Hwanghae-do, there are big differences in reclamation (墾田) as that in summary discussion of provinces is about 100,000 and the sum of that done in each county and prefecture is about 220,000. The existing studies assumed that 100,000 of summary discussion of provinces has more credibility based on the number of reclamation after the war of the Hwanghae-do area. However, the author tried argumentation of 220,000 of land presented in the total of each town by regarding it as according with the real state. In addition, the background of a violent change in the number of reclamation was found from change of land survey methods in the 15th century by comparing it with the postwar period of the Hwanghae-do area. The number of reclamation of 220,000 in Hwanghae-do revealed in the Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』 results from the method of grasping land that showed extreme differences from the reigns from Taejong of Joseon to Sejong the Great.en_US
dc.publisher서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원en_US
dc.subject세종실록 지리지; 황해도; 양전; 전세; 간전(墾田); 공법en_US
dc.subjectGeography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』(『世宗實錄』 地理志); Hwanghae-do(黃海道); Land survey (量田); Tax on land (田稅); Reclamated field (墾田); Tribute tax law (貢法)en_US
dc.title『세종실록』 지리지 황해도 전결 수에 대한 분석: 양전 방식의 변화와 전결 수 변동을 중심으로en_US
dc.title.alternativeMethods and the Number of Taxes on Land An Analysis of the Number of Taxes on Land of Hwanghae-do in the Geography Section of 『the Annals of King Sejong』: Focusing on Change of Land Surveyen_US
dc.contributor.googleauthor소, 순규-
dc.sector.daehakCOLLEGE OF HUMANITIES[S]-
dc.sector.departmentDEPARTMENT OF HISTORY-


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