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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Noncontact Neonatal Vital Sign Monitoring and Quantified Assessment of Movement Using IR-UWB Radar SensorWon Hyuk Lee
2022Deep Learning Based Indoor Positioning System Using WiFi Trajectory CSIZhongfeng ZHANG
2022Body-Centric Wirelessly Powered Miniaturized Biotelemetric and Implantable Bioelectronic DevicesSHAH SYED AHSON ALI
2022Implantable Antenna Based Wireless Micro-coil Systems for High Resolution Brain MRISana Ullah
2022Performance Analysis of Indoor Predistorted-VLC and Outdoor IRC-WAVE Communication System for Mobility Service EnvironmentsYun-Joong Park
2022Research on broadband heterojunction phototransistor based on low-dimensional nano materialsHongwei Xu
2022Study on transition metal oxide films for high performance field-effect transistor and electrochromic applications이수언
2022Statistical Blind Classification and Reconstruction of Error-Correcting Codes in a Non-Cooperative Context권순희
2022Separation and Analysis of White Blood Cells Using Microfluidic Technology김병연
2022Noncontact Vital Sign Monitoring and Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using IR-UWB Radar Sensor박준영
2022Noncontact Extraction of Biomechanical Parameters in Gait Analysis Using a Multi-Input and Multi-Output Radar Sensor왕딩양
2022High Performance Carbon Nanotube Yarn Energy Harvester and Energy Storage Integrated Applications문태진
2022Estimation of Human Emotion using Electroencephalogram and Facial Electromyogram김호담
2022Effective Temporal Information Propagation Methods for Video Super Resolution위승우
2022Design of Compact Monocone Antenna with Wideband Characteristics금교승
2022Design of Beam-Steerable Array Antennas for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications방지훈
2022Access Pattern-Aware Resource Allocation for Performance Improvement of Flash Storage정준용
2021Weakly Supervised Defect Segmentation for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Based on Golden Template Generation With Synthetic Image Augmentation김민수
2021Through-Wall Radar System for Multiple Target Detection and Positioning using Multiple Monostatic IR-UWB Radars유성원
2021Radio-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Millimeter-Wave and Beyond Systems김효원