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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Iterative Refinement for Non-autoregressive Text-to-Speech Synthesis이모아
2023모션 선택적 비전 트랜스포머 네트워크를 사용한 순방향 워핑 기반의 비디오 프레임 보간허정환
2023Development of Biocompatible Antennas for Medical Applications: Ensuring MRI safety, Implantation, and Catheterization하야트 샤체브
2023Internal Zonal Network Architectures for Humanoid최성우
2022Development of an ultralow power multifunctional transistor utilizing charge plasma서호준
2023Development of New Myoelectric Input Interfaces for Immersive and Convenient Virtual Reality김정환
2023Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hydrogel Artificial Muscle for Soft Robots최정기
2023전자기스펙트럼 작전과 신호정보정용석
2023LTE 기반 임의접근을 위한 새로운 도착률 추정기장성균
2023Design and Characterization of Human Body Antenna Systems for Wearable and Implantable Biomedical Applications자다 무하마드
2023High-Speed Loop-Unrolled SAR ADC Using Speculative CDAC Switching Control이은상
2023Two-terminal flexible memristors based on polymer-quamtum dots nanocomposites안호군
2023Metamaterial-Coupled Biotelemetric Systems Design and WPT-Based Safety Analysis in High Magnetic Fields사흐이자즈알리
2023Development of New Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Methods to Modulate Higher Order Cognitive Functions박지민
2023Wideband Antennas for UHF Partial Discharge Detection and UWB Localization Applications박승용
2023효과적인 CNN 추론 가속화를 위한 인공신경망 가속기 구조박상수
2023Development of Deep Learning Techniques to Enhance the Performance of Brain-Computer Interfaces without Individual Calibration Sessions권진욱
2022Noncontact Neonatal Vital Sign Monitoring and Quantified Assessment of Movement Using IR-UWB Radar SensorWon Hyuk Lee
2022Deep Learning Based Indoor Positioning System Using WiFi Trajectory CSIZhongfeng ZHANG
2022Body-Centric Wirelessly Powered Miniaturized Biotelemetric and Implantable Bioelectronic DevicesSHAH SYED AHSON ALI