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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Weakly Supervised Defect Segmentation for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Based on Golden Template Generation With Synthetic Image Augmentation김민수
2021Through-Wall Radar System for Multiple Target Detection and Positioning using Multiple Monostatic IR-UWB Radars유성원
2021Radio-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Millimeter-Wave and Beyond Systems김효원
2021Performance Improvement of Mass Flash Storage with Selective Data Placement곽재욱
2021New Circle-Shaped Quadrature Amplitude Modulation for Higher-Order Modulation안성진
2021Miniaturized Implantable Bio-telemetric and Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Biomedical Implants바시르압둘
2021Machine Learning-Based Trajectory Prediction Algorithm of Surrounding Vehicles for Connected and Automated Vehicles최동호
2021Hand Gesture Recognition through Impulse Radars Using Deep Learning샤자더아메드
2021Fetal Brain Age Estimation Using Feature-based Machine Learning and Image-based Deep Learning홍진우
2021Estimation of Ghost Parking Line Elements Caused by Reflected Light in Top-View Images for Parking Assistance Systems김승현
2021Development of an Online Home Appliance Control System for the Elderly Using Augmented Reality and an SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interface박성훈
2021Temporal Interference Stimulation for Focused Stimulation of Deep Structures of Human Brain: A Computer-Based Feasibility Study이상준
2021Study on Characterization of Semiconducting Metal-Oxide Thin-Films by Atomic Layer Deposition and Their Application in High-Performance Field-Effect Transistors설현주
2021Robust Blind-Spot Detection Method Using Rearview Fisheye Camera Through Viewpoint Transformation이홍준
2021Resource Allocation for V2X Communication in Cellular Network우스만알리
2021A Study on High-Performance Oxide Transistor via Crystallization and Instability Mechanism Identification for Display Application온누리
2021A Lightweight DCNN-based NIR Face Recognition System Robust to Eyeglasses Occlusion김제연