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RC조 AL-WOOD 合成 거푸집 SYSTEM의 現場生産性 評價에 관한 硏究

RC조 AL-WOOD 合成 거푸집 SYSTEM의 現場生産性 評價에 관한 硏究
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A Study on the Field Productivity of AL-WOOD Synthetic Form System Made of RC
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Jang, Gyoung-Gak
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본 논문은 최근 공동주택 공사에서 적용되고 있는 신공법 SYSTEM 거푸집 공사에 대하여 연구하였다. 최근 대형 건설회사를 중심으로 RC조 건물시공에 적용되고 있는 AL-WOOD 합성 거푸집 시스템은 사용면에서 그 우수성을 인정받고 있으나 정확한 성능 평가와 생산성 측면에서 검증된 자료가 없는 실정이다. 따라서 본 연구는 공동주택 공사에 적용되고 있는 AL-WOOD 공법에 대하여 실제 현장 사례를 중심으로 공사기간, 품질, 경제적 측면에서 분석하고 연구 DATA를 도출하여 향후 발전 방향을 제시하였다. 연구진행은 기존 문헌 및 자료를 통해 거푸집 공법의 문제점을 분석하고 AL-WOOD 합성 거푸집 SYSTEM을 적용하고 있는 현장 사례를 중심으로 다음과 같은 방법을 통해 연구를 수행하였다. 1) 거푸집 관련 국내 서적과 학술잡지 및 관련 전문 학회에 발표된 논문 등 기 존 문헌을 조사하여 거푸집 공법의 시공 실태와 문제점을 파악한다. 2) 국내 건설업체의 AL-WOOD 합성 거푸집 공법에 대한 시공사례를 중심으 로 부재 구성을 분석하고 공사기간, 품질, 경제성 등의 생산성 향상 측면에 서 연구한다. 3) 위의 분석을 토대로 문제점과 그에 따른 연구 DATA를 도출하고 거푸집 시스템화 개선 방안을 연구하여 향후의 발전 방향을 제시한다. AL-WOOD 합성 거푸집 공법에 대하여 사례를 통해 실시한 성능 분석 및 실험 결과는 다음과 같다. 1) 콘크리트 타설시 거푸집 초기변형과 잔류변형의 측정을 위하여 LVDT와 DATA LOGGER를 사용하여 측정한 결과 가설공사 표준시방서의 A급 기 준을 만족시키는 것으로 평가 되었다. 2) 공기단축 평가에서는 기존 재래식 거푸집 공법에 비하여 1개 층 ONE CYCLE 기준으로 20% 이상의 단축 효과가 나타났다. 3) 벽체의 단면치수 품질 실측을 위해서 총 240개소의 벽체 단면을 샘플링하여 디지털 버니어캘리퍼스로 측정하였으며, 그 결과 재래식 거푸집 공법에 비 해 오차율이 50% 가까이 낮아 우수한 품질을 확보 할 수 있다는 결론을 내렸다. 4) 경제성 비교에서는 구매단가 기준 시 기존의 재래식 유로 폼 공법에 비하여 AL-WOOD 폼이 약 7% 정도 높은 것으로 나타났으나, AL 폼 공법일 경우 기존 유로 폼 보다 58%가 높기 때문에 품질 대비 경제성은 상당히 높은 것으로 분석되었다. 본 논문의 연구 결과 아래와 같은 발전 방향을 제시한다. 1) 자재 구입비의 경제성 확보 2) 시스템 거푸집 공법에 대한 교육 3) 새로운 공법이 적극 도입 4) 안전대책 수립 5) 층고 변화에 적절히 대응 할 수 있는 탄력적인 제작 계획 6) 기존 유로 폼 등과 상호 호환성 확보
This paper aimed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the construction industry through the mold construction, used in most of the construction works, in particular in apartment housing construction works. This paper also took notice of the large-scale panel system, as a basic means for industrialization in the architecture field, and made a pertinent analysis. The paper also presented a desirable course of development of the application of mold inside the apartment housing, so as to lead the mechanization of mold construction of Korea and to seek the reduction of terms of works. It is this paper’s goal to achieve improvement both in quality and in productivity. Therefore this paper limited the range of research to the new technique system of mold construction applied in domestic apartment housing constructions. In particular, this paper focused on the AL WOOD synthetic form, which has complemented the economic efficiency of the AL form and notably improved the quality of the Euro form. This paper adopted methodologies as follow in performing the research. 1) Examine the domestic books regarding mold and review the literature such as the academic magazines or papers that were printed by the Architectural Institute of Korea, so as to understand the reality of construction using mold techniques. 2) Note the examples of construction of domestic construction companies or construction companies specializing in the area, and understand the large-scale panel mold construction. Collect the real cases of construction regarding the apartment housing inner wall system mold, which are being used for mostly conglomerates, and analyze the problems and items that need to be improved. 3) Based on the analysis so far, make a research into the problems and the following solutions to improve systemization of mold construction, and present the direction for future development. Below are the analysis of the efficiency and the experiment results of AL WOOD synthetic forms. 1) When making concrete works, LVDT and DATA LOGGER were used in order to measure the initial deformation of mold and remaining deformation, and as a result, it was found to meet the "Class A"criteria of the standard specifications of construction works. 2) In the evaluation on the reduction of terms of works, it was found to have reduced the term by more than 20% than the established conventional types of mold construction in one floor and one cycle standard. 3) For the actual survey of a wall’s section measurement, the paper made a sample of a total of 240 sections of walls and measured them with the digital vernier calipers, and as a result, in terms of the error rate of a section, it relatively showed a very low error rate than that of the conventional mold techniques, so the paper reached a conclusion that it can guarantee superior quality. 4) In comparison of economic efficiency, it was found to be some 7% higher than that of the conventional Euro form technique, but in case of AL form technique, as it is 58% higher than the conventional Euro form, it was found that the economic efficiency considering the quality is considerably high. As a result of the research, the paper presents the following for the development. 1) First, the economic efficiency of the cost of the material purchase. The systemized mold is costly, so there is a difficulty for small and medium construction companies to use it. Therefore, a government support and financing for the new technology must be followed. If it is put into use, and the lease industry of the systemized mold is activated, most construction companies are thought to be using the mold. 2) Second, the training of the mold technique. The system mold technique is rather foreign in domestic application, and which is why many construction companies suffered a number of construction errors in building the structure of the building. This is one of the reasons why the efficiency of construction is going down. To overcome this, each construction company must guarantee to have technicians and to offer more chances of training. 3) The introduction of new technique is expected to bring reduction of the construction costs of subcontractors. Therefore, subcontractors are needed to share the benefits by the new technique. It can be done by giving additional points in benefit and by giving a priority right of construction. 4) Safety measures needed to be made. The mold technique shows a relatively low rate of accidents, but once an accident happens, it becomes a large-scale, leading to immense damages in human resources and finances. This is why there must be more skilled technicians and the enough safety education and construction management are necessary. 5) A flexible construction plan, which can properly cope with the change in the floor height changes. In case of an apartment building higher than 16 floors, there is a change in floor heights for fire-fighting facilities. Therefore, when producing the systemized mold production, the size of the mold needs to be planned in advance so as to make an easy and handy application to the change of floor heights. 6) Interchangeability with the Euro form needs to be guaranteed. In case of making good use of the mold, there must be a system that can develop and supply the materials, so as to make it possible to use the existing forms of mold together.
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