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dc.description.abstractAs the next generation light source which has excellent energy saving effect and can be used almost semi-permanently, LED solution is a new light source using limited resources for longer time. In order to establish growth strategy of LED solution industry, this paper studies on literature with materials and theses of national research institutions including the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and cases of LED solution companies. The problems of LED solution industry are as follows. First, as a market problem, there are no professional channel for the industry, and no professional marketing strategy study, and no advertisement system for the LED solution, although 350 companies participate in the LED solution industry in Korea. Second, as a technology problem, while existing LED solution technology were mainly used for electric sign, traffic signal, and back light, in the future, communication, lighting, light source and large-scale BLU technology will be in the limelight. However, domestic technology is significantly insufficient comparing to the advanced countries. Third, as a management problem, specialized personnel for LED solution is scarce except some large companies, and there is no national development project program. The growth strategy of LED solution industry established by this study is as follows. First, as a market growth strategy, it is needed to develop diversified products connected to LED solution, and marketing strategy is needed to promote the strong points of LED solution, and advertise the excellence of the products. Second, as a technical growth strategy, industry, academy and research institution should develope high output and high brightness LED products, and establish network between companies to commercialize and distribute technology at the level of the nation. Third, as a other management strategy, it is needed to execute specialized study on LED technology collaborately to double the efficiency of the study, and combine nationwide industry, academy and research institutions of LED solution to increase synergy effect.-
dc.titleLED Solution산업의 성장전략에 관한 연구-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Growth Strategy of LED Solution Industry-
dc.contributor.alternativeauthorKim, Sang-Ok-


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