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dc.description.abstractPulsed power technology is an area of rapid development propelled by potential benefits expected from thermonuclear fusion energy sources, industrial and military applications of larger lasers, the ever-increasing sophistication of electric power distribution, and a variety of new specialized needs. This technology deals with the generation of very high power electromagnetic pulses as distinct from the continuous production of power, and with the coupling of pluses to loads. An important segment of pulsed power technology is high power pulse generator with fast switching. It is effective to generate high-voltage impulse using Marx circuit that were stated on the fields above. Small Marx generator can generate high voltage impulse much faster in rise time and use high voltage pulse source and trigger system for larger systems. Recently, by the use of these advantages it is expanded to apply into UWB radar and RF weapon, etc. In this manner, Marx circuit is said to be the high voltage pulse source which is applied in various fields and it is also a very promising technology that is expanding in the area of application when it comes to industrial development. In this paper, we described about the high voltage pulse generator, named EMD Pulse Generator(EPG-AM200k) which has been developed by using Marx circuit with 200 kV high, 50 ns fast rise time. It has been designed and fabricated by EMD in Korea. The system is consists of the following parts : (a) storage capacitors(C_(m)) for storing energy, (b) spark gap switches as main switch, (c) trigatron switch for triggering, (d) spacers for stacking C_(m),(e) charging resisters for charging C_(m), etc. In order to confirm the performances of the switches and the whole system, we simulated both of their fields and circuit analysis and compared them with the experimental results. We, then, found the way how to optimize the system using proper switch gaps and compensation capacitor(C_(c)) in practical use.-
dc.title200kV 50nsec급 동축형 Marx 고전압펄스 발생장치의 동작특성-
dc.title.alternativeGeneration of 200kV, 50nsec Steep-front Pulse Using Coaxial Mini Marx generator-
dc.contributor.alternativeauthorLee, Sang Woog-
dc.contributor.affiliation고전압 전공-


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