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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Biocompatible responsive polypyrrole/GO nanocomposite coatings for biomedical applicationsRamakrishna Suresh
2015-01Biological functions of hyaluronan and cytokine-inducible deubiquitinating enzymesRamakrishna Suresh
2018-07Brain Somatic Mutations in MTOR Disrupt Neuronal Ciliogenesis, Leading to Focal Cortical DyslaminationRamakrishna Suresh
2021-02CRISPR-Cas9 based genome editing for defective gene correction in humans and other mammalsRamakrishna Suresh
2014-01Critical lysine residues of Klf4 required for protein stabilization and degradationRamakrishna Suresh
2020-11Deubiquitinating Enzyme-Mediated Signaling Networks in Cancer Stem CellsRamakrishna Suresh
2018-06Deubiquitinating enzymes in cancer stem cells: functions and targeted inhibition for cancer therapyRamakrishna Suresh
2017-10Deubiquitylating enzymes as cancer stem cell therapeuticsRamakrishna Suresh
2017-06Deubiquitylation of deubiquitylasesRamakrishna Suresh
2020-11Disease modeling and stem cell immunoengineering in regenerative medicine using CRISPR/Cas9 systemsRamakrishna Suresh
2012-04Diverse roles of the scaffolding protein RanBPMRamakrishna Suresh
2020-11E3 ubiquitin ligase APC/CCdh1 negatively regulates FAH protein stability by promoting its polyubiquitinationRamakrishna Suresh
2020-11E3 ubiquitin ligase APC/CCdh1 regulation of phenylalanine hydroxylase stability and functionRamakrishna Suresh
2015-05Effective Gene Delivery into Human Stem Cells with a Cell-Targeting Peptide-Modified Bioreducible PolymerRamakrishna Suresh
2018-06Efficient genome editing by FACS enrichment of paired D10A Cas9 nickases coupled with fluorescent proteinsRamakrishna Suresh
2014-10Electrochemical and in vitro bioactivity of polypyrrole/ceramic nanocomposite coatings on 316L SS bio-implantsRamakrishna Suresh
2017-12Electrochemical synthesis and surface protection of polypyrrole-CeO2 nanocomposite coatings on AA2024 alloyRamakrishna Suresh
2014-02An electrochemical, in vitro bioactivity, and quantum chemical approach to nanostructured copolymer coatings for orthopedic applicationsRamakrishna Suresh
2014-11Enhanced gene disruption by programmable nucleases delivered by a minicircle vectorRamakrishna Suresh
2014-08Enrichment of cells with TALEN-induced mutations using surrogate reportersRamakrishna Suresh
2014-03Evaluation of chemically modified Ti-5Mo-3Fe alloy surface: Electrochemical aspects and in vitro bioactivity on MG63 cellsRamakrishna Suresh
2014-06Gene disruption by cell-penetrating peptide-mediated delivery of Cas9 protein and guide RNARamakrishna Suresh
2018-04Genome Editing in Stem Cells for Disease TherapeuticsRamakrishna Suresh
2017-09Genome editing: a robust technology for human stem cellsRamakrishna Suresh
2020-12HAUSP stabilizes Cdc25A and protects cervical cancer cells from DNA damage responseRamakrishna Suresh
2012-05Hyaluronan Binding Motifs of USP17 and SDS3 Exhibit Anti-Tumor ActivityRamakrishna Suresh
2016-01The Importance of Ubiquitination and Deubiquitination in Cellular ReprogrammingRamakrishna Suresh
2018-07In vivo gene correction with targeted sequence substitution through microhomology-mediated end joiningRamakrishna Suresh
2018-06Influence of surface treatment on PEDOT coatings: surface and electrochemical corrosion aspects of newly developed Ti alloyRamakrishna Suresh
2011-11LCP1 up-regulated by partial pancreatectomy supports cell proliferation and differentiation.Ramakrishna Suresh