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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Achieving room-temperature superplasticity in an ultrafine-grained Zn-22 % Al alloyKawasaki, Megumi
2015-08Achieving superplasticity through severe plastic deformationKawasaki, Megumi
2015-07Atomic-scale investigation of interface-facilitated deformation twinning in severely deformed Ag-Cu nanolamellar compositesKawasaki, Megumi
2015-05The contribution of grain boundary sliding in tensile deformation of an ultrafine-grained aluminum alloy having high strength and high ductilityKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01Description of the superplastic flow process by deformation mechanism maps in ultrafine-grained materialsKawasaki, Megumi
2016-02Development of mechanical properties in a CaO added AZ31 magnesium alloy processed by equal-channel angular pressingKawasaki, Megumi
2016-11The Development of Superplasticity and Deformation Mechanism Maps in an Ultrafine-Grained Magnesium AlloyKawasaki, Megumi
2016-10Effect of annealing on mechanical properties of a nanocrystalline CoCrFeNiMn high-entropy alloy processed by high-pressure torsionKawasaki, Megumi
2015-04Evolution in hardness and texture of a ZK60A magnesium alloy processed by high-pressure torsionKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties in a hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg alloy processed by accumulative back extrusionKawasaki, Megumi
2015-02Formation of epsilon martensite by high-pressure torsion in a TRIP steelKawasaki, Megumi
2015-04Grain boundary character distribution of CuNiSi and FeNi alloys processed by severe plastic deformationKawasaki, Megumi
2015-04Grain boundary formation by remnant dislocations from the de-twinning of thin nano-twinsKawasaki, Megumi
2016-06Investigating Anvil Alignment and Anvil Roughness on Flow Pattern Development in High-Pressure TorsionKawasaki, Megumi
2016-11Mechanical Behavior of a Metal Matrix Nanocomposite Synthesized by High-Pressure Torsion Via Diffusion BondingKawasaki, Megumi
2016-06Micro-Mechanical Behavior of an Exceptionally Strong Metal Matrix Nanocomposite Processed by High-Pressure TorsionKawasaki, Megumi
2016-11Micro-Mechanical Responses of Ultrafine-Grained Materials Processed through High-Pressure TorsionKawasaki, Megumi
2012-11Microstructural evolution and the mechanical properties of an aluminum alloy processed by high-pressure torsionKawasaki, Megumi
2015-07Microstructure and texture evolution in a Cu-Ni-Si alloy processed by equal-channel angular pressingKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01The Requirements for Superplasticity with an Emphasis on Magnesium AlloysKawasaki, Megumi
2016-11Resolving the Strength-Ductility Paradox through Severe Plastic Deformation of a Cast Al-7% Si AlloyKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01Review: achieving superplastic properties in ultrafine-grained materials at high temperaturesKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01Review: Overcoming the paradox of strength and ductility in ultrafine-grained materials at low temperaturesKawasaki, Megumi
2016-06Self-annealing in a two-phase Pb-Sn alloy after processing by high-pressure torsionKawasaki, Megumi
2016-11Significance of grain refinement on microstructure and mechanical properties of an Al-3% Mg alloy processed by high-pressure torsionKawasaki, Megumi
2016-05Spherical nanoindentation creep behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grained CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloysKawasaki, Megumi
2016-01Using high-pressure torsion to process an aluminum-magnesium nanocomposite through diffusion bondingKawasaki, Megumi
2015-08An X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigation of the local atomic structure in Cu-Ni-Si alloy after severe plastic deformation and ageingKawasaki, Megumi