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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Amphiphilic coatings on cobalt boride nanocatalysts for stability in hydrogen generation applicationsJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-11Assessing the stability of assembled filamentous phage coat protein P8Justyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-07A BODIPY-functionalized bimetallic probe for sensitive and selective color-fluorometric chemosensing of Hg2+Justyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-06Chiral Arrangement of Achiral Au Nanoparticles by Supramolecular Assembly of Helical Nanofiber TemplatesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2015-09Chirality control of self-assembled achiral nanofibers using amines in their solid stateJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06Controlled drug delivery from mesoporous silica using a pH-response release systemJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-03Controlled Supramolecular Assembly of Helical Silica Nanotube-Graphene Hybrids for Chiral Transcription and SeparationJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-05Controlled surface immobilization of viruses via site-specific enzymatic modificationJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-05Controlling and Assessing the Surface Display of Cell-Binding Domains on Magnetite Conjugated Fluorescent LiposomesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2016-05Development and characterization of polyethylenimine nanocarriers processed by an inductive thermospraying techniqueJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-06Enzyme directed formation of un-natural side-chains for covalent surface attachment of proteinsJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-12Fabrication and Applications of Biological FibersJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06Fluorescent Composite Hydrogels of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Functionalized Graphene OxideJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-03Hydroxyapatite supported cobalt catalysts for hydrogen generationJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06The influence of ultrasound on porphyrin-based metallogel formation: efficient control of H- and J-type aggregationsJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-07Luminescent Calix[4]arene-Based Metallogel Formed at Different Solvent CompositionJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-06Luminescent metal-organic framework-functionalized graphene oxide nanocomposites and the reversible detection of high explosivesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06Magnetically Responsive Inorganic/Polydiacetylene NanohybridsJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06Mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with a thymidine derivative for controlled releaseJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2016-01Phage based screening strategy for identifying enzyme substratesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-06Polydiacetylenes: supramolecular smart materials with a structural hierarchy for sensing, imaging and display applicationsJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-01A portable and chromogenic enzyme-based sensor for detection of abrin poisoningJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-11Pyrene-imidazolium complexed graphene for the selective fluorescent detection of G-quadruplex forming DNAJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-09Reinforcement of a Sugar-Based Bolaamphiphile/Functionalized Graphene Oxide Composite Gel: Rheological and Electrochemical PropertiesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-07Responsive 3D Microstructures from Virus Building BlocksJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-09Reversibly tunable helix inversion in supramolecular gels trigged by Co2+Justyn Wayne Jaworski
2013-01Size-dependent intercalation of alkylamines within polydiacetylene supramoleculesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2014-06Virus-based surface patterning of biological molecules, probes, and inorganic materialsJustyn Wayne Jaworski